Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fancy Work

Today I'm going to do a quick walk through with how I do these:

As you can see I'm still learning what works and what doesn't.   In the future I'm thinking that a bright contrasting background would  make it look more appealing.
1.  I write my document up in Microsoft word.
2.  Then I save it as a pdf.
3.  Then I open the pdf and go to the 'Edit' tab.  I scroll down and take a 'snapshot' of the page.  I do this for EVERY page that I want to work with.
4.  As I'm taking the snap shots I'm putting them in Paint.  Each one is individually resized down to 400 pixels and saved.
5.  Once I have all the pages I want to work with I open Powerpoint.
6.  I copy and paste each page individually into the same blank page in Powerpoint.  Once they are there it's super easy to just move them around to where ever I want them.  I also make them a little smaller when I get them in there as well.  So that I can start layering etc...
7.  To get a patterned background I just copy and paste a background paper in there as well and send it to the back.
8.  I also use a text box to add the little words.
9.  And then I save them.  Then it's all good to go when I want to do show and tell. :o)
I hope that helps to explain how I do these show and tell pages.  :o)
Any questions.  Should I add any extra information?
Thanks for visiting.

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