Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's New at TpT

I've been a little busy adding the odd thing or two in the TpT department, but I haven't really done any show and tell on the new additions.  So today I just want to do a quick show and tell with some of them.
Now that the girls are getting older they need to write a little smaller, and a little bit more, so I did up a book 2.  It is considerably updated from book 1.  I added new clipart, and a new format.  This gave us more room to write more words.

At 88 pages of printables - it makes for quite a good sized file.
 This time I doubled the file and made 2 worksheets for each multiple phonogram sound.  One for boys and one for girls.  This one shows the little girl detective.

And in the same style I did up a Word Family packet as well.  90 pages of printables.  That's 45 word families.  I am happy to ADD to this packet if you have a word family that you'd like me to add.
This one shows the little boy detective.
Years, and years, and years ago when I first started getting serious about making printables with the view to selling them I decided that I would have to tackle it head on, and the hard way.  I would have to make my own clipart.  Yep, I did this before I realised and came to companies that I could buy commercial use clipart from at a reasonable price.
So this week I took 26 cliparts and put them in an alphabetical listing in a word document and put a price tag on them.
I also dug up a book that I did in 2005 and popped that in my TpT store too.  ( I also dug up a number of other files that I thought would work well if I re-tweaked them with new formats/cliparts. )
And I did some serious work on my 5 x tables packet.
Thank you for letting me share what I've been doing.
I still have quite a list of things that I want to work on, but yeah, I just need to find the motivation, and the time.
Thanks for visiting.

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