Wednesday, November 7, 2012

School for 2013

Our Homeschool ( for the 2013 year ) will resume on the 31st December this year, oddly enough. I do have to clarify that we'll probably be the ONLY ones doing this, but hay, the beauty of homeschooling. Ok, maybe not THE only ones.  My friend Jeanne will also be ready to start school about then too. We'll have had our 8 weeks off and be all fresh ready to go again.
All our public schools wont resume until February. Most homeschoolers in Australia wont resume until February either. But I like to run on my own timetable. It works better that way.
While I'm mentioning my own timetable I should also like to mention that we'll be doing a 6 week on, 2 weeks off too.
This year we did a 4 week on, 1 week off approach. I found that I didn't really feel rested or recuperated enough on the weeks off. So next year I want to give the family ( and myself ) ample time to really rest in between each set of weeks.
This coming year I'll have:
A kindergartener ( Miss Hannah )
Grade 1 ( Miss Phebe )
Grade 3 ( Miss Chloe )
Grade 10 ( Caleb )
and possibly a senoir ( Daniel )

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  1. We'll start the week later to take advantage of the public holidays when Daddy isn't at work. I like your 6 weeks on 2 off plan. Keen to hear how it goes.


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