Monday, November 12, 2012

Planning Reading A-Z

I have now added planning for little Miss Hannah in the Reading department. 
This is not a resource that I use very regularly - well, not of late anyway, but it's always nice to have there for something different.  We have a lot of different resources and well, not so much time and inclination.
Anyway - I thought I'd try her out on a couple of things and see what she thought of it all.
So here is how I am doing my current planning.  I just figured I would cross it off when we got them done.
I put all the paperwork, ie.  books, lesson plans, and worksheets that I want to use in an A4 clear plastic sleeve in my folder.
I like how the whole lesson is available.  It's always nice to have extra ideas.
See, easy peasy and the lesson is all good to go - whenever we want.
Have you heard of  Have you ever used their stuff?  What do you think?


  1. Its awesome. I also have a subscription to reading tutor by the same crowd. Some of the stuff is repeated, but there is a few more lesson plans and games. Wish I had found it earlier.

  2. Hannah did another book yesterday. Just whizzed right through. Loving it.

    And for the price of the subscription - with what's available - makes for good value as well.


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