Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Foldables

I was wandering around the house going to myself, "What can I do?".   The baby was asleep, the little boys were out on the farm, and all the other children were busy.
So I flicked through some printed worksheets that I had on my kitchenette and noticed that I had some from my thanksgiving pack, then I thought I'd do up a quick sample as an idea of what one can do with it.  :o)
So I cut it out and folded it. Then I colored it. :o)
Then I wrote my own little HFW sentences.  Trying to be realistic as to what a Kindergarten to Grade 2 student might write.
I did it like this so that when one opened it up you would read about the picture that you could still see.
Then I found another foldable and added that to my background page as well, so you could see how the two of them would fit side by side.
Anyway, I hope this gives you some additional ideas as to what to use these pages for.  :o)
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