Sunday, November 4, 2012

So Excited~!!

I'm so excited~!!  So much so, I couldn't wait to do a formal show and tell.
Look what I learnt to do today:
Yep, put HEAPS of pages on a single page.
This way I'll be able to show what's in the packets in one picture.  How cool is that?
Oh and I updated the file AGAIN.  It keeps growing, and growing, and growing.  It's up to 57 pages now.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Ooh, that is clever. Pretty too!

  2. It looks really great, Deborah! I think I need to start doing those multi-page previews, too!


  3. Love it! Now how about a show and tell how you did it. I would love to know too :)

  4. Yes, that is a great idea. I will pop that down to do as a post. :o) I have no idea how I will do the show and tell part, but I could do a verbal walk through.

  5. Silly me - ummmmm isn't that what photos are for? I was thinking of screen shots, but photos would work.

  6. I use the PrtScn button on my keyboard.

    I then open my word document and push Ctrl + V

    I then right click on the image and choose save as Picture

    That's how I get a jpg image of the screen. I then crop it before uploading it to my blog or Pinterest.

  7. Good to know. Thank you. :o) Will hopefully get a post done on this in the next week or so.


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