Thursday, November 22, 2012

Maths for Phebe

Phebe worked on Rod and Staff Maths Grade 1 last year, but I don't quite feel that she is entirely up for Grade 2 - just yet.   So I'm going to have her do some Singapore Maths - starting at 1A workbook 2. 

Each of the primary year books come with two text books which are filled with lessons, pictures, examples etc... and 4 workbooks. 

Here are a couple of sample pages from the text books.

If you look closely you can see little arrows with writing in it on the bottom right hand corners.  When you see these in the text books - it is usually the conclusion of the lesson and time to practice what has been taught.  So the arrows tell you what exercise to do in the workbook.

A couple of sample pages from the workbooks.

Looking forward to when school resumes. We've already had 3 weeks of holidays and I'm starting to get itchy need to do school feet.

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