Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week 14

This week Chloe started a new English workbook.  I did start her below her grade level when we first started using this series, but she is doing great in the catch up department.

Some Bible time:

Noah continues to grow.

Vocabulary was also on the books this week as well.

Looks like we had a slack week, but yeah, nah, we still got on with the work.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Week 13

For the past two weeks on my facebook wall I've been showing people how to make their own Language Arts program without a curriculum.  Yes, without a curriculum.  All you really need is a good reading book.  We tackled one portion at a time.  It's been fun.

At any rate, I've saved you a copy of the download, so you can try it out too.
Just click the page below.

This week in our homeschool......

The girls came to the end of their exercise books
{ well, so close that I felt we needed new ones now }.
It took us a whole 3 months to fill them.

What they look like stacked.
Yep, nice and fluffy.  We fill them up with all sorts of things.

Nature Drawing this week:

Charlotte tried some new stuff:

and kept on working on her 'morning work' { on the right there }.

{ k } is for koala.  :o)

The two older girls are nearing the end of their Climbing to Good English workbooks:

They turned out to be lovely little hidden gems.  I don't think that they are very well known as a curriclulum, and I only stumbled upon them because of my Rod and Staff love.  I really love them for English.  They cover so much and I love their style.

Even Hannah is doing great with it.  I only ask her to do one page a day.   I feel confident that she "could" easily do more, but yeah, I don't push it.  I save that for her Maths.  ha ha ha.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Week 12

This week we took a little Saxon break and went back to our CTC Maths online subscription.  The girls are loving it.  It sort of helped that I said, do two lessons each day and then if you do more I'll give you 20 cents per extra lesson.

Additionally, when we do return to Saxon, Hannah will start 6/5.  Wow.  Amazing.

This week Miss 10 read:

I added a couple of freebies from off the net and a TpT { paid } worksheet pack as well.


And then she painted up some "stables" for her horse.

and moved into this:

Charlotte continued to jump through her little preschool/kindergarten hoops.

So impressed!

Ok, this page might be Grade 1, but it was a trial and let's see.  :o)
Then she aced it!

{ i } is for insect.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10 Recent TpT Purchases

As you all know, I quite like shopping over at Teachers Pay Teachers.  It occurred to me that you might be a little curious or interested in what I've been buying.  So today I'm going to show you 10 TpT purchases that I've done in the last couple of months.  { I've done more, but yeah, I'm just going to highlight 10 of them. }

I've also hyper linked them to their TpT store.  
Just in case you might like to check them out too.

You get a lot of bang for buck with this packet.  There are a lot of worksheets.

EW UE UI Worksheets & Activities {NO PREP!}

Multiplication Bracelets

Multiplication Bracelets

April No Prep Packet { preschool }

April NO PREP Packet (Preschool)

Simple Machines
Simple Machines Envelope Book Kit

EE & EA worksheet pack

EE and EA Worksheets & Activities {NO PREP!}

Read and Reveal { cvc words }

Read and Reveal {CVC words}

CVC Word Family Work

CVC Word Family Word Work

Vowel Teams: Sound it Out

Vowel Teams: Sound it Out Bundle

Blends and Digraphs Word Builders

Blends and Digraphs Word Builders {short & long vowel practice}

CVC Words - Solve a Word

CVC Words ~ Solve a Word

Yeah, so that gives you a little peek into the type of things I've been buying recently.

Would you be interested in seeing what else I might have bought there too?

Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 11

I've been meaning to add this one to the freebie list for a while:

It's interactive, as in flip book style.
Just click on any page to download the worksheets.

Great for about grade 1 and 2 - when they're ready to start working on little paragraphs.

In school this week,

Charlotte added a / g / for goat.

NT Bible Survey continues by Chloe:

How my 10 year old gets dressed to go out to the shops.

Mystery of History II
Lesson 27 { outlined on the left }
Lesson 28 { narration on the right }

Hannah gets closer to finishing Saxon 5/4.
Looking forward to that, there are only 8 more lessons to go.

We also had some free styled art time resulting in a frog, chicken, and dolly.

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