Saturday, May 30, 2015

{ Letter f }

This week Charlotte worked on the letter { f }.

{ f } is for fire,



and more fish.

Worksheets.  This week we also did a game board.

And some counting.

You can get a copy of these counting cards { to 10 } for FREE from my store.  Just click the card below to go there and get them.  I've had my set for years, but they've kept so well because they are  laminated.  I use laminated cut out pictures as the manipulative counters, but other things will work too.
Counting Charts
Hannah decided that she wanted to join in and color too.  Sorry you all missed out on photos of the hats this week.  :o)

Charlottes current set of flash cards that she practices as often as I remember.  I try daily.

This weeks worksheet share:

Don't forget to click on both of them separately to get both sets.

I've got some { more than 30 } worksheets here in this pack.

{ Ff } Letter of the Week

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

{ Week 20 }

Yahoo!  We are now half way down for the year!  Or less if we decide to have less than 40 weeks this year.

Nature Study, when we were away on holiday, seemed to be restricted to water, sand, and a spider for the most part.  We spied this fine specimen in the front garden, and so we began to study it. We gently knocked out his web at one point as well and voila, when we returned the next day it was completely re-built.  Don't you just love his decorating style with the extra zig-zagging?  I also love how he pairs his legs.  Such a neat and tidy fellow.  His web was gorgeous and so meticulously woven to exact measurements. 

Additionally, we also went castle visiting.
Phebe in the stocks.

Hannah's turn.

I really dislike castles museums.  Am I allowed to confess that?  They give me the creeps!  Nothing more creepy than dead people and the like on display.  I only like the ones that are in books.  ha ha ha.  So we only stayed for a couple of hours, just enough to do a good round of everything on display.  Then off we went to do something else.

The character workbook is moving along nicely.

Working on their Anaconda theme.

Definitions, and opinion.  They just write their work underneath.

How to feed an Anaconda.
Practicing using the words:  first, next, then, last.

Something else that occurred to me this week is wondering WHAT type of books the girls, in particularly Chloe was reading.

So what I did was list them up with these categories:  Bible, Literature, History, Biography, and Science.   So now I was able to see at a glance what type of books she'd been reading, and which categories needed more focus.  We're pretty strong on Literature { novels } but yeah, we could really do with reading some more of all the others.

Reading this week to the littles:

Caesar's Triumph - I am really enjoying this book.

The Science Book of Science by Jean Henri Fabre.

Plutarch - Marcus Crassus, as per Anne White's guide from Ambelside.

Shakespeare - Midsummers Night's Dream


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Sunday, May 24, 2015

{ Letter r }

This week Charlotte worked on the letter { r }.

{ Rr }

I love these types of coloring pages.
So many pictures hidden within the picture and yep, these ones all start with { r }.


An easy and quick project, but always a favourite with the girls.


{ r } is for rooster.
Isn't he the cutest?

The one on the right [ my Rr puzzle ] came from a download I bought off TpT.

A { Rr } Red Apple Tree with a raccoon eating a red apple.

{ r } is for road.

Painting and another worksheet.
{ r } is for red.

More hats, but first we must colour some pictures for the hat.

Then she cut them out and I put them on a band for her.

Pre-writing skills.
This one was a freebie by Mel over at The Pond.

{ r } is for rocket.

Whew!!  If you made it this far you might be a little { Rr'd } out at the moment, like Charlotte.  :o)

This weeks worksheets:

If you need some more worksheets for the letter { Rr } I have this pack available in my store.
It is currently up to 35 pages of printables.

{ Rr } Letter of the Week

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Friday, May 22, 2015

{ Anaconda Writing Materials }

This week I put together a little writing packet on the Anaconda Boa Constrictor found in South America.

{ Anaconda Reading and Writing }

I included a little written piece to start the unit off.  It has both an Australian and American versions in the file.  That way I can get the children's interest from the outset and start them off nice and gently.

Also included are task cards and writing pages, with plenty of worksheets and interactive notebook pages to complete the unit.

There are 9 different activities.  Plenty to keep one busy for about 2 weeks of writing.

Activities included:

Note taking
Opinion Writing
Narrative Writing
Informational Writing
Procedural Writing
Fact & Opinion

I was super pleased with how it came out.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

{ Week 19 }

This week we began a new book in our read alouds:  

The Story Book of Science by Henri Jean Fabre.  So far it's been a great hit.  The girls are really loving it.  It can be found for free at, just click the cover to go there.  I also managed to secure a very nice full pdf version from online as well, { that's what I printed - it just saved me a ton of time instead of getting it all in piece meal from the Baldwin Project page. }


Also, this week I purchased the next ELA Interactive Notebook by Mandy Gregory in the series for the girls - we are using it for some of their activity time.  { Each day I give the girls a different worksheet activity - basically some busy work to consolidate or review things they should be able to do.  I use all different worksheets, from all different scources, and this week some of it will be from this book. }  Just click the cover to go and check it out on TpT.

End of the Year ELA Interactive Notebook (2nd Grade)

We also did some work out of this book for activity time as well.

Aesop Fables - The Kingdom of the Lion

ABC Order & some word definitions.
These words are taken from the Fable - Kingdom of the Lion.
The word meanings are written under the little flaps.

A meal at my place, no meat, just lots of vegetables and noodles.

Now that the girls have pretty much finished reading and writing their way through a heap of their text book I gave them all a copy of the test booklets to complete.  I've only scheduled a page per lesson time, slow and steady wins the race.  I've also told them that it's open book.  So they can use their text book to help find the answers IF they want to.  But you know children, rush, rush, rush - no time for that mum!  They just want to get through it whether its right or wrong.  If they get too many wrong I might get ugly on them though.  Yep, I'm scoring them!  I have the answers in the teachers manuals.  ha ha ha.

Noah asleep in his walker.  It's amazing how quickly they fall asleep.  One minute you can hear them making noise and the next, asleep.  After a quick photo it was off to the cot for him.

Thought I'd encourage the maths along by using a white board.
The 6 year old ended up taking longer.
The 10 year old ended up getting her work done quicker.

Although to be fair, Miss 6 did 8 lessons in 4 days this week, so I should totally cut her some slack considering her level and output.

This week we worked on poetry for copywork.

Hannah has started this book for devotions:

I like how the stories are short.  I also like that they have questions at the end.

Current devotions:

Reading Shakespeare:

We finished 'The Tempest' and have now begun ' A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

From our Encyclopedia we read about:

Adams, John Couch
Adler, Alfred
African Art

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And that my friends ends this weeks summary.

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