{ 2015 Book List }

Chloe { 10 }:
1. The Adventures of Prickly Porky
2. The Adventures of Sammy Jay

3. The Adventures of Johnny Chuck
4. The Adventures of Peter Cottontail
5. Beautiful Bible Stories
6. The Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack
7. The Adventures of Old Man Coyote
8. Imagination Station Danger on a Silent Night
9. The Borrowers
10. The Borrowers Afield
11. Amy Carmichael
12. Emma's Secret
13. Nellie the Brave
14. Pocahontas
15. Meg Follows a Dream
16. Daria Solves a Mystery
17. Elise the Actress
18. More New Friends
19. Little Women
20. Anne of Green Gables
21. Robinson Crusoe
22. Tom Sawyer
23. The Time Machine
24. SOTW I
25. On the Shores of the Great Sea
26. The Bobbsey Twins at Indian Hollow
27. Britain & Her Neighbours III
28. Pochahontas, True Princess
29. Aztec Times
30. Indiana Jones and the Gypsy Revenge
31. Indiana Jones and the Secret City
32. Pony Tails - Corey's Pony is Missing
33. Pony Tails - Corey and the Spooky Pony
34. James and the Giant Peach
35. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
36. Life of Christ, Picture Story
37. Treasure Island
38.  Patriarchs and Prophets
39. Augustus Caesar's World
40. Hardy Boys - The Mummy Case
41. Wildlife of the Rainforest
42. Peter Pan
43. Imagination Station: Voyage with the Vikings
44. Discover Sharks
45. Heidi
46. Birth of a Koala
47. A Crack in the Sky
48. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
49. Narnia: Prince Caspian
50. Pony Pals: Stolen Ponies
51. Pony Pals: Pony to the Rescue
52. Narnia: The Magicians Nephew
53. Tales of Robin Hood
54. Narnia:  The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
55. What Katy Did
56. Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End
57. Pony Pals: Give Me Back My Pony
58. Moby Dick { a }
59. Pony Pals: Ponies on Parade
60. Swiss Family Robinson
61. Anne of Green Gables { a }
62. Treasure Island { a }
63. The Railway Children
64. Pictorial Pilgrims Progress
65. The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad
66. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
67. The Mountain of Adventure
68. The Ship of Adventure
69. The Sea of Adventure
70. The Island of Adventure
71. Secret Seven: Fun for the Secret Seven
72. Secret Seven: Puzzle for the Secret Seven
73. Secret Seven: Short Story Collection
74. Secret Seven: Well Done, Secret Seven
75. Secret Seven: Look Out, Secret Seven
76. Secret Seven: Go Ahead, Secret Seven
77. Secret Seven on the Trail

78. Lassie: Best Friends are Forever
79. Secret Seven: Good Work, Secret Seven
80. Look Closer: Shoreline
81. Look Closer: Rock Pool
82. Young Scientist: The Human Machine
83. A Crack in the Sky
84. Building Our Lives
85. Calling Invisible Women
86. Young Scientist: Electricity
87. Animal Ark: Puppy in a Puddle
88. You be the Jury
89. You Be The Jury: Courtroom III
90. Famous Five: Five on a Hike Together
91. Famous Five: Five Go to the Billycock Hill
92. Famous Five: Five Get into a Fix
93. Famous Five: Five On Finniston Farm
94. Famous Five: Five Get into Trouble
95. Famous Five: Five Go To Smuggler's Top
96. Famous Five: Five Have Plenty of Fun
97. Famous Five: Five Go To Demon's Rocks
98. Famous Five: Five Fall Into Adventure
99. The Adventures of Unc' Billy Possum
100. You Be The Jury: Courtroom II
101. Imagination Station: Surprise at Yorktown
102. Imagination Station: Attack at the Arena
103. Young Scientist: Animals With Backbones
104. The Story of Inventions
105. Young Scientist: Animals Without Backbones
106. Young Scientist: Communicating
107. The Borrowers Aloft
108. I Wonder Why: Castles Had Moats
109.  Young Scientist: Discovering Gases
110. On the Banks of Plum Creek
111. Young Scientist: Looking at Structures
112. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
113. Young Scientist: Machines at Work
114. Young Scientist: The Planet Earth
115.  The First Four Years
116.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 6
117.  Dorkius Maximus in Egypt
118.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 8
119.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 9
120.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 4
121.  The Saddle Club: Horseshoe
122.  Nim's Island
123.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 7
124.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 10
125.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 15
123. Junior Encyclopedia: Part 14
124. Magic Tree House: Stage Fright on a Summer Night
125. Magic Tree House: Civil War on Sunday
126. Magic Tree House: Buffalo Before Breakfast
127. Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark
128. Magic Tree House: Viking Ships at Sunrise
129. Magic Tree House: Sunset of the Sabertooth
130. Magic Tree House: Ghost Town at Sundown
131. Magic Tree House: Lions at Lunchtime
132. Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn
133. Magic Tree House: Afternoon on the Amazon
134. Magic Tree House: Day of the Dragon King
135. Magic Tree House: Tonight on the Titanic
136. Magic Tree House: Polar Bears Past Bedtime
137. Magic Tree House: Hour of the Olympics
138. Magic Tree House: Dolphins at Daybreak
139. Magic Tree House: Mummies in the Morning
140. Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon
141. Betsy Butterfly
142. The Tale of Billy Woodchuck
143. Ranger in Danger - Rapscallion's Revenge
144. Ranger in Danger - King Cobra's Curse
145. The Black Box
146. Bindi: A Guest Appearance
147. Bindi: An Island Escape
148. Nim at Sea
149. Bindi: Bouncing Off the Menu

Phebe { 8 }:

1. The Adventures of Blacky the Crow
2. The Adventures of Whitefoot the Wood Mouse
3. The Adventures of Lightfoot the Deer
4. The Adventures of Buster Bear's Twins
5. The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel
6. The Adventures of Sammy Jay
7. Climbing Higher
8. New Friends
9. Sarah's New World
10. The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver
11. The Adventures of Buster Bear
12. Pictorial Pilgrims Progress
13. The Tale of Timothy Turtle
14. SOTW I
15. The Adventures of Bob White
16. The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse
17. James and the Giant Peach
18. Daddy Longlegs
19. Indiana Jones and the Gypsy Revenge
20. The Adventures of Mrs. Quack
21. Exploring with God { R/S Nurture Reader Grade 4 }
22. Rainforest
23. Space and the Universe
24. Exotic Rainforests
25. Step by Step { Pathway 6 }
26. Birth of a Koala
27. Narnia: The Magicians Nephew
28. Narnia: Prince Caspian
29. Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
30. Narnia: The Horse and His Boy
31. Black Beauty
32. Redwall
33. Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
34. Narnia: The Silver Chair
35. Narnia: The Last Battle
36. Young Scientist: The Planet Earth
37. More Busy Times
38. Doors to Discovery
39. Young Scientist: Animals with Backbones
40. Happy Hearts
41. Bridges Beyond
42. Young Scientist: Magnets
43. The Borrowers
44. Junior Encyclopedia: Part 5
45. The Secret Garden
46. Imagination Station: Problems in Plymouth
47. Imagination Station: Showdown with the Shepherd
48. Pocahontas - True Princess
49. Young Scientist: Our World in Danger
50. The Borrowers Afield
51. Young Scientist: The Human Machine
52. Young Scientist: All About Water
53. I Wonder Why: Planes Have Wings
54. Young Scientist: Investigating Light
55. The Borrowers Afloat
56. Junior Encyclopedia: Part 8
57. Junior Encyclopedia: Part 7
58. Junior Encyclopedia: Part 9
59. Oliver Twist { abridged }
60. Frisky Squirrel
61. A Crack in the Sky
62. The Tale of Timothy Turtle
63. Back to School

Hannah { 6 }:

1. Little Women { abridged }
2. The Adventures of Bobby Raccoon
3. God Made the Opossum
4. Mouse Tales
5. Little Bears Friend
6. TBB & the Little Lost Cub
7. Princess Hope & the Hidden Treasure
8. Henry & Mudge Take the Big Test
9. The Princess and the Unicorn
10. Ladybird: Sleeping Beauty
11. Ladybird: The Ugly Duckling
12. Ladybird: Boys and Girls
13. The Little Boat that Almost Sank
14. More Days Go By
15. The Berenstain Bears Honey Hunt Helpers
16. When the Giants Came to Town
17. The Adventures of Blacky the Crow
18. The Children's Bible
19. 365 Bible Stories
20. Old Granny Fox
21. Rainforest
22. Made by God: Spiders, Snakes, Bees, and Bats
23. Puss in Boots
24. Town and Country Mouse
25. Adam and Eve in the Garden
26. Zacchaeus Meets Jesus
27. Ancient Egypt
28. Ancient Greece
29. Henry & Mudge and the Happy Cat
30. Birth of a Koala
31. Ants are Fun
32. Plenty of Fish
33. Father Bear Comes Home
34. Woodchuck
35. Star Wars: Anakin to the Rescue
36. I Can Read: Moses the Leader
37. I Can Read: Daniel and His Friends
38. I Can Read: The Miracle on the Mountain
39. I Can Read: Stories Jesus Told
40. I Can Read: Rapunzel
41. I Can Read: Big Cats
42. I Can Read: Thumbelina
43. I Can Read: Cats
44. I Can Read: Whales and Sharks
45. I Can Read: The Ugly Duckling
46. I Can Read: Jonah
47. I Can Read: Wonderful Easter
48. I Can Read: The Birth of Jesus
49. I Can Read: Reptiles
50. Days with Frog and Toad
51. I Can Read: Robots
52. I Can Read: Town and Country Mouse
53. I Can Read: David and Goliath
54. I Can Read: Adventures of Amelia Bedelia
55. Look Closer: Desert Life
56. Look Closer: River Life
57. Look Closer: Cave Life
58. Look Closer: Swamp Life
59. Look Closer: Woodland
60. Look Closer: Rock Pool
61. Strange Animals
62. I Can Read: Jesus the Shepherd
63. Young Scientist: Communicating
64. Look Closer: Shoreline
65. Young Scientist: The Planet Earth
66. I Wonder
67. Discover: World of Animals
68. The Golden Children's Bible
69. Discover: Nature
70. Young Scientist: Water
71. Junior Encyclopedia: Part 4
72. Discover: Mini-Beasts
73. The Adventures of Old Man Coyote
74. Young Scientist: Animals Without Backbones
75. Young Scientist: Plant Life
76. The Adventures of Peter Cottontail
77. Young Scientist: Discovering Gases
78. I Wonder Why: Trees Have Leaves
79. Picture Story Life of Christ
80. Young Scientist: Our World in Danger
81.  Mrs. Peter Rabbit
82.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 7
83.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 8
84.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 6
85.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 14
86.  Junior Encyclopedia: Part 10
87.  I Can Read: Amelia Bedelia & the Baby

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What's On Our Book List for 2014

Storm Boy

The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddle Pie
The Muddle-headed Wombat
The Muddle-headed Wombat at School
Australian Bushrangers
Australian Sea Stories
The Voyages of Captain Cook
The Voyages of Matthew Flinders
Captain William Bligh
Surviving Sydney Cove
Builders of a Nation
The Incredible Adventure of Burke and Wills
Ned Kelly

Handbook of Nature Study
Story of the World 4
Poems of Henry Lawson


Days Go By - Pathway 1
Pathway - More Days Go By
David and Goliath
Princess Hope and the Hidden Treasure
The Three Little Pigs
Teddy's 123
The Ugly Duckling
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Amelia Bedelia Bakes Off
Clifford's Loose Tooth
Little Bear
R/S 1, Units 4 & 5
Playing with Dolphins
Terror on the Amazon, The Quest for El Dorado
The Adventures of Reddy Fox
Little Women { abridged }


Pathway Climbing Higher 2.3
Pathway -New Friends 3.1
Pathway - More New Friends 3.2
Blinky Bill
Fern the Green Fairy
Amber the Orange Fairy
Saffron the Yellow Fairy
Ruby the Red Fairy
Black Beauty
Teddy's 123
Return to the Hundred Acre Wood
McGuffey - First
A Pony for Keeps
Charlotte's Web
Little Women
Playing Beattie Bow
Robinson Crusoe
The Three Musketeers 
Carry On, Mr Bowditch
The Bronze Bow
Tom Sawyer
Rod & Staff - Grade 3, units 1,2,3
Paddington Bear


   Bridges Beyond - CLE 4
   Building Our Lives { Pathway 4 }
   The Tale of Mrs Ladybug
   The Adventures of Reddy Fox
   A Sailor with Captain Cook
   Billy Mink
   First Settlement and Exploration
   Old Granny Fox
   Blacky the Crow
   Fun for the Secret Seven
   LightFoot the Deer
   The Adventures of Bobby Raccoon
   Fern the Green Fairy
   Amber the Orange Fairy
   Saffron the Yellow Fairy
   Ruby the Red Fairy
   The BFG
   The Secret Garden 
   Robinson Crusoe { in one syllable }
   The Bobbsey Twins Go To School
   Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill
   The Three Musketeers
   The Adventures of Buster Bear
   The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad
   The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore
   20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea
   50 Famous Stories Retold
   The Bobbsey Twins
   Give Me Back My Pony
   The Adventures of Bob White  
   Secret Seven Mystery 
   The Railway Children
   What Katy Did
   Seven Little Australians
   McGuffey - Second 
   Little Pilgrim's Progress
   George Washington's World
   Great Expectations
   Ferdinand the Frog
   The Bronze Bow
   Oliver Twist
   The Swiss Family Robinson
   White Fang
   Sherlock Holmes - the Hound / Baskervilles
   The Man in the Iron Mask
   20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
   A Tale of Two Cities
   Carry On, Mr Bowditch
   Poems of Banjo Paterson

Stay tuned as the list grows............

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