Thursday, December 29, 2016

Charlotte LTR

I just need to pop this somewhere for reference, and the month of December had some post space.

Charlotte is now finished with 103.  Yay!!

She scored 97%.  Super happy with that.

A couple of items that were in the book that got her to that end:

She also copies phrases and we do dictation.  Yes.  Dictation.  I call words, she writes them down.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Scrappy Initial Letter Sounds

A few years ago I did an initial letter sound workbook filled with worksheets designed to focus on initial sounds for each letter but since then I've picked up some more great clipart and decided to revamp the original into an upgraded brand new work.

Apart from the new clipart all the way throughout, I also added in the additional task of writing the individual letters of each picture on the page, included more pictures to choose from, and popped in a picture key on each page as well.

So now we have:

What the worksheets look like:

Yeah, so I've popped it in the store for $3.00.
You can print them up a bajillion times for yourself/personal family/personal class, but if others want a pack, please send them on to purchase their own.

Just click on either picture to go and check them out a bit more.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Character and Commands for Littles

It's been a little while but I finally got back to working on some character notebooking pages for the Littles.  Some of them have been available for some time, but now, I'll be working to get them all completed and in sets.  Oh, I also changed one of the pages to include a Command of Christ in there as well.

You will need copies of these books to fill it in though:

At any rate, what I've decided to do was divvy up this new lot of printables into 5 separate downloads - because each download is going to be 40 pages.  Yep, that's a lot when you put them altogether.... 200 pages.   Once completed it should keep everyone busy for about 2 years of character focus.

Ok, so here's the first one.

Yeah, so click away on any of the pictures and grab yourself a copy.

And here's PART TWO - Just click on the cover to download this pack as well.

And here's PART THREE - Just click on the cover to download this pack as well.

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I am hoping to get the next one done super soon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Grade 7 Chloe 2017

Here's what I've got lined up for Chloe this year:

{ Bible }

She's actually still in book 6, but at some point she'll jump on over to book 7.
All good to go.  :o)

{ English }

We're running a little tardy on getting through some of these English books, which in turn has us working a little lower than were we need to be for Chloe.  I don't think she minds.  Probably likes it as it's not so demanding.  So yes, she'll be working on this until it's finished.

and I'll be toggling it with:

{ Maths }

Chloe is actually more than half way through with this text as it is, so we're just going to go ahead and continue with it until it is done.  Then we'll move into Saxon 7/6.

{ Reading }

Various reading materials.  I'm weeding out all the twaddle, so yes, the reading levels will jump considerably.  This in turn will mean less books read for the overall year, but they'll be more quality books.

{ History }

We're going to try out something entirely foreign and new for us.  Abeka History, year 7.

{ Science }

and the following book: 

{ Spelling }

She's got a few lessons left here, and then I'm hoping for her to jump to the next book in this series.

I've got a good system going at the moment.  Each day we test out 10 of the list words and then she'll work on the ones that need work.  Copy, copy, syllables.  I have found that when you really focus on the syllabification that it boosts the quality of the spelling by a long way.

{ Vocabulary }

Monday and Tuesday - Divide in half and copy out the definitions
Wednesday and Thursday - Write a sentence for each word.
Begin the workbook and follow on for a second week.

So it'll take her 2 weeks per lesson.

{ Literature }

Something new to try out as well.

{ Nature }

{ Foreign Languages }

She has Greek and French available if she wants.
Truth is I can also muster up some Latin too in a jiffy.  :o)

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Painting a Zebra Craft

Here's another little PINTEREST score that we got!

You can go HERE to see the originals.

Paint up 4 different papers like this.
You'll probably have to wait to the next day while they dry, we did.

Cut them down and paste like this:

Add your tail, eyes, and mouth and voila....... your painted zebra is done.
They are not little by any means.  Super cute if you have wall space that you want to decorate.  :o)

This one was done by Hannah { 7 }.

This one was done by Charlotte { 5 }.

This one was done by Phebe { 9 }.

This one was done by Chloe { 11 }.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

20 Reasons to Homeschool


    Have you ever wondered why in the world people would want to homeschool?  The world is full of diversity.  Today I give you my top 20 reasons to homeschool.

1.  Because I can.  It's very nice to have the option, not all people have this option.

2.  I like my children and enjoy their company.  I want them to like me too, so we need good quality time together.

3.  I'm too lazy to run the circus hoops and jumping of doing public schooling.  

4.  I can choose their curriculum.  We can cater it to their needs, and alternatively we can challenge them when they need that too.  There is no need to dumb down children.  None at all.  There's also no need to confuse, traumatize, provoke and frustrate their learning either.  

5.  I can choose their friends and who speaks into their lives.  It is advantageous to sift out the peoples that do not want to improve themselves or live Godly principled lives. 

6.  We have the Freedom to come and go without outside restrictions or considerations.  We can take leave when it suits us as a family.

7.  There's less time required to get the job done compared to the hours spent in a classroom.

8.  We get a private education for a public school price.  That's a good way to save money.

9.  I can have them work to their individual grade levels per subject.  Nothing like being 7 years old { in Grade 2 } and doing grade 5 Math, grade 4 English, and grade 5 Spelling. 

10.  We can deal with behaviours immediately instead of not noticing them, or having restricted time in which to deal with them.

11.  Gives time for practical real life lessons like cooking, gardening, or cleaning the house.

12.  No indoctrination of values contrary to our own.  No peer pressure from rioting undisciplined children, or pagan, heathen practicing teachers.  { just so you know, I am working on the rioting children thing........ }

13.  I get to be there for ALL their successes and milestones.  I also get to be there to give them a leg up when they need any extra personalized help.

14.  It keeps the parental authority in tact.  

15.  No need to worry about what food we can eat at lunch times.  Many schools prohibit certain types of foods that children can eat at school.  ie.  anything with peanuts, junk food etc...

16.  We can focus on proper self esteem by building confidence, not narcissism.  We can protect our children from gender confusion, and protect them from sexual deviancy.

17.  Safer at home we're there are no hidden criminals that may abuse our children.  Or bullies, both children and teachers or even the system that isn't working for the good of my children.

18.  Overall, homeschooling exhibits best interest for my children wholistically - spiritually and physically.  Homeschooling is a life journey to be lived, enjoyed and experienced, not tested to death with a pencil and piece of paper to define self value or worth.

19.  No constant harassment to help raise more money for the classroom on supplies that your child is very likely to ever get to see or use.  While we're here on money and supplies:  fill your child's supply list as per teacher request only to bring it to the school where they confiscate the entire lot and share them out like it's communistic China.  No, your child's belongings are not your child's.  They are there for the good of the entire classroom at teacher discretion.  I just wish they'd been more up front with that.  

20.  God.
       a. He gave us these children
       b. He requires that we raise them
       c. He equips the parent who steps out in faith
       d. He rewards the family
           1.  by giving protection from worldly influence and wickedness
           2.  by increasing their knowledge and increase of production
           3.  by keeping the family unit together
       e.  We can read the Bible whenever we want
       f.  We can pray whenever we want
        If you send your children to Caesar to be educated, do not be shocked when they turn into little Roman soldiers and attack you as the enemy.  

If you'd prefer to see me in REAL LIFE tell you my reasons, you can watch me do so here:

Yeah, so there you go chookies.  Just some of my thoughts on that!  What about your thoughts?  What are YOUR reasons to homeschool?

Let me know in the comments below.  :o)

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Addition Clip Cards

School holiday time always makes me a productive little bee.

Today I managed to pull this one together:

Inside you'll find 110 cards!

Every card from 1 + 0 all the way to 10 + 10.

I've popped it in the store for $3 BUT it is currently on SALE for $2.00 - Bargain.

Print on cardstock and laminate for durabiltity.

Just click either picture to jump over to TpT to check it out.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

School Update

Well my little chookies we've finished our school year commitment and now we'll be on holidays until January.  It's going to be LONG holiday.  In all truthfulness though they'll still do the odd thing, in particular they'll continue reading.  We'll just be dumping all the textbook/written work.  So I guess they'll still do some math as well - since they can do that online.

My baby is almost 2.  Almost.  He'll be 2 next week.
I am hoping to give him his first haircut the day he turns 2.
He's never had one yet.

Even though we are on holidays, I am not one to let good opportunities go, so...

Here's my next years planner all good to go:

I've also been particularly busy on YouTube.  I've got all sorts of things up there now:  

Grocery Hauls
Minimize Mondays
Meals & Cooking
School Show and Tell

I've just started a Weekly Update one as well.

So yes, do pop in and visit.

My YouTube Channel

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Wordly Wise Book 5

Whoo Hoo!!

I've been working to make some extra helps for Wordly Wise Book 5 for the girls next year.

I have the first 12 supplementary lessons done already.
That is a smidge past the first half of the book.

That way both Phebe and Hannah will have some extra printables to help pad out the lessons.

Do the written definitions on Monday and Tuesday.

It works out to be a single page of work each day.

Then write your own sentences on Wednesday and Thursday.  

Finally, do the cut and paste definitions on Friday.

I actually have TWO different worksheets to make sure we cover ALL of the list words.

Additionally, I have a picture version of the first definition worksheet - and the cut and paste definitions separate - which you can print out on colored paper for prettiness, to glue on.

The following week do the work from the workbook itself. 

Yeah, so there you have it.  I'll be looking to finishing up the remaining 8 lessons asap.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Macaroni and Cheese

Every now and then you get an awesome recipe that you never want to lose.

Seriously, this is going to be on your top 10!

Macaroni and Cheese

500g macaroni
500g kraft box blue
4 cups milk
4 cups water
150g butter

near the end add:
1 tin corn kernels

fried bacon

Here's a video on how to make macaroni and cheese:

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Grade 5 Phebe 2017

Here's what I've got lined up for Phebe this year:

 { Bible }

She's already started it, so that is nice.  So now she'll just continue on.  :o)

{ English }

Yep, she's already peeked in this book too.

{ Maths }

Phebe has worked quite well with Saxon 5/4 so I think this next book
will also be a super good fit for her as well.

{ Reading }

Various readers throughout the year.

{ History }

This book will be new, so she's being paired with Hannah for History this year with the following.  :o)

Our backup book for just in case.  Once we add outlines, essays, map work, people pictures, and timelines it would easily become a full curriculum without too much trouble.  Yeah, so a good backup plan.  :o)

{ Science }

Just the next book in the series.  :o)

Do a little vocabulary work, do an outline, write a little.  Maybe even do some diagrams.  Too easy.  The way science is supposed to be.

{ Spelling }

I don't actually have her spelling book for next year YET.  I've got one in mind but I still need to purchase it.  :o)

{ Vocabulary } 

We actually started this last year, and did like nearly half of them, but never mind, we're going to give it another run.  I'll also be adding worksheets to help spread it out, so we can spend more time in learning the words.  I'll let you know when I'm ready to start sharing those.  I am hoping it will be before the month is out. :o)

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