Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Interactive Flip Books for the Alphabet + { freebie }

For a long while there I thought that I might be finished with making alphabet resources, even though I still have Charlotte to come on up through.  However, the thought came to me that it would still be super nice to have an interactive flip book set for the alphabet - so I spent the day making them.  That was of course after I made one for the digraph - sh, but that is another story that I'll probably share somewhere down the line - along with it being a freebie. 

Anyway, it was an awesome long day, and even though this pack looks simple it still took HOURS to put together.  By the end I thought a simple cover would suffice.

A sample of the flip books.

They are designed to be double sided.  Although they could easily be used with just the top page.

When completed just store it in a notebook while you build your remaining alphabet.

If you'd like a FREE copy to play with just click either example to go and pick them up.  If you do, could you please leave me some happy feedback.  That would be pretty cool if you could do that.

Also, if you're totally curious about the WHOLE book, you could also check that out too HERE.  I've priced them super SALE cheap at $2.50.

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6 x Multiplication Pack

I had another awesome super productive day here today.  Yes, yes I did.  And what did I get done?  Oh, just another little book, a little 59 page multiplication book for the 6 x tables.  As it turns out I'm going to be needing them super soon because little Miss Hannah is already working on her 4 x tables, and she already does her 2x, 3x, and 5x tables - that's scary isn't it? { She's only 4 years old but to be fair she'll be 5 soon. }

Anyway, here's a little bit of a peek at what's in it:

Set in a Bird / Bird Nest theme.

Included in this file are: 

1. 6 x Times Tables Cards and Answers
Two sets of cards with a Bird Nest theme with Multiplication questions on them. These are followed by the answer cards. Print, laminate, cut apart and use.

2. 6 x Division Cards and Answers
Teaching multiplication is all about patterns and should be taught with division facts as well. Included is a set of cards for division, followed by the answer cards. Print, laminate, cut apart and use.

3. 6 x Fraction Cards and Answers
Just for fun for fast finishers, or given to advanced students who may need more of a challenge. A set of cards followed by the answer cards.

4. Sequencing Cards
Count by 6 - Sequencing cards. Print, laminate, cut apart and use.
These go up to 96 { 16 cards }.

5. Less Than / Greater Than matts.
Use the sequencing cards to set up less than / greater than amounts. Recording worksheets included.   Or use the multiplication, fraction, or division cards to do likewise.

6. Skip Counting Jigsaw strips
A quick little timetable practice. Self correcting.

7. Worksheets
Speed Drills. Color by 6; Skip count by 6. This worksheet can be used again and again for beginners. Start counting by 6 from any number. 
There are also a number of worksheets at the end of the file as well.

8. Mini Cards
4 sets of cards; Multiplication, Division, and Fractions. Use as flash cards, or print two copies each. Cut one out and use the other as a game board. 

9. Black and White Versions
ALL the cards again with NO color. This way the children can color them in themselves. Or print them out on colored paper to make different sets in your math centre. 

10. Another set of sequencing cards
This set has bird nest clipart included. 

11. Teaching / Modelling Multiplication Cards

59 Pages

Edited to add - I also got to printing, laminating, and cutting.

Miss Hannah couldn't wait and has already had a play with her new cards.

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Always looking for additional helps.  Today I found one for paragraphs.

Why gifted students need to be taught formal writing

"Formal language study has all but disappeared from schools. This is to the disadvantage of gifted students who need to learn how to write correctly for their future studies and careers. Michael Clay Thompson explains what has happened and why he is concentrating on formal writing books in the next part of his Language Arts Curriculum from Royal Fireworks Press."

A Sailor with Captain Cook

This year I am hoping that we can get through a number of 'Australian' themed books.  

I really liked this book.  Short passages and topics, and beautiful pictures as well.  Phebe is currently bookmarked and reading this awesome little book.

{ How They Lived Series }

Book information:

  • Format: Hard Cover
  • Number of Pages: 32 pages 
  • Publisher: Wayland Limited
  • Publication Date: 1987 
  • ISBN:  0 85078 7351
  • Author: Michael Gibson
  • Illustrator: Mark Bergin

Additionally, I also gave this one to Chloe to read as well:

Book information:

  • Format: Hard Cover
  • Number of Pages: 32 pages 
  • Publisher: Heinemann Library - Jacaranda Press
  • Publication Date: 1992 
  • ISBN:  1-86391-859-0
  • Author: Jim Low
  • Illustrator: Julien Bruere

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Teaching the States of Australia

I've discovered an ingenious method of teaching the states of Australia.

To be fair, I'm not the first one to find it either, nor will I be the last.

This fabulous method uses 3 part cards, Montessori style.

I printed them up, laminated them, and cut them out.

Miss 4 finds that they are so quick, simple, and fun - all the while putting that trivial knowledge in her head without any thought that it might be difficult.  Today I asked her how many states does Australia have?  She was able to tell me without me having to prompt or lead her on.  Yay~!!

Next week I'll start asking her to tell me what each state is without the title prompts.

Technically, we're still on school break here, so the older girls will get a peek at this next week when school resumes.

If you're interested in making your own 3 part cards for the Australian States you can get them for FREE from A Moment In Our World.

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Robinson Crusoe

.......and NOT just any Robinson Crusoe either, my dear friend.  A 1950's, words in one syllable version.  Oh, in pretty good condition too I might add.

I couldn't believe my very good fortune to have found it today when we dropped in for some second hand book shopping.

Book information:

  • Format:  Hard Cover
  • Number of Pages:  92 pages 
  • Publisher:  Shoe Lane Publishing Co.
  • Publication Date:  1950 
  • Author:  Mary Godolphin
  • Illustrator:  John Harris

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Ned Kelly

Another book down for the year.

  • Author/s:  Frank Clune
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Number of Pages: Not numbered
  • Vendor: Angus and Robertson
  • Publication Date: 1977 
  • Ages: 10 - adult

I liked that it was a quick read, and that we got it polished off within a few sittings.

Tragic story really.  Goes to show you how life is very much like a pack of dominos; and once they start falling, that it's nigh impossible to get them all to stop falling.

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Storm Boy

Our FIRST read aloud for the year is already done.

And yes, I cried again.

The next time this book will be read in my house I envision it will be in the hands of a child.  The girls are growing, and so is their ability and desire to read for themselves.

Word of the Day + { freebie }

I've been tossing and turning about HOW to implement this little beauty into our school day.  A great idea, but how to fit it in with all the other great ideas that we already have?

Additionally - what WORDS should I use?

I did find a neat list online.

Got any ideas??

ps.  If you click the worksheet you can download it for FREE.

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Have you ever wondered HOW important syllabification is in the process of learning to read?

As it turns out it is extremely important~!!

The best part is when you give this skill to a 4 year old and watch her read several grades above her year level, now that is cool.  You won't believe what it will do for their reading ability. All of a sudden they'll be able to read large academic words without a problem.

This is an amazing tool to have in your reading cupboard.  A must have.

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Character Worksheets { freebie }

One of the things that I worked on in December happened to be the Character Worksheets.  These new worksheets are very specifically designed to work with this book:

{ Oh, this book is the secular version - so useful in public school classrooms too. }

This 53 page download contains worksheets for 49 Character traits.

Here's an example:

It covers spaces for which animal reflects this character, definition of the character, rewards of this character, a quote for this character, and space for the 'I will's' too.

Each page is matched as close as I could to the animal presented in the book.

My intention is to do one little tiny section each school day - taking one school week to complete each worksheet.  Nothing too taxing on the girls, but hopefully passing the message and understanding of each character as we go.

If you'd like a copy - just click on either picture sample to download from googledocs.

Ah, and now that this little project is done I need to go back and continue working on updating the other original pages { and finishing them off as well }.  I am thinking of making them for junior writers who can't squish all this information on the one page.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Writing with the Really Littles

I've been doing most of our writing with Chloe - 8, but today I wanted to try out some group writing with the 6 and 4 year olds.  { They have been pretty much restricted to copywork and workbook stuff, so it made a nice change for them. }

We started with me reading this book:

Then I did a little MIND MAP with them.

From that I asked each girl to give me a sentence for our writing.

Phebe's { 6 } writing:

Hannah's { 4 } writing:

I really like how the worksheets walk the children through one step at a time, one fact at a time.  It makes the writing process a bit more easier.  These are draft pages, so once the information is there they could copy it over to another page without all the prompts.

I'll be offering these worksheets in a new 365 Days pack on Ants tomorrow.

Additionally I'll be re-opening up a new tab to house the links to all the other { older } 365 Days packs too.  I really like these for quick writing when the children are really little, and with that in mind I want to add quite a number of new ones { in the updated and expanded format } as well.

One last thought, I am also wondering if it would be beneficial in making an Ant Day Pack { a different type of pack series that I have }.

Just thoughts......

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Wildlife Year

{ Nature Studies }

There are just sooooooo many great books out there to use; what to use?

The only place to really start is with one book, and just keep going.

So, I'm going to pick this book up, and make a start:

The book chapters are set up under MONTHLY headings.

With continent SUB-HEADINGS.

So each month you'll visit 6 different continents.

I'll start our reading in December.

When you come to a new continent in the month there's a nice little pink marking indicating a change of continent. Beautiful pictures abound.

One of the great things about this book is that they DO spend quite a bit of time looking at Australasia.

Really looking forward to reading this book.