Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Character Studies Update

We are still using the character materials that I put together a few years ago.  Just yesterday Phebe my super fresh 11 year old worked on this:

The left hand side:

The right hand side:

And for my little Miss 6 - she uses the same text book but puts all her copywork into a workbook especially designed for it.

I have them available for FREE.  Just click the links below to go and pick them up.

Here's where I keep them:

Monday, March 26, 2018

Art Monday - The Pink Cockatoo

This week we went back and visited another Australian Bird for our Art Monday.

{ The Pink Cockatoo }

The books we used to help us....

Charlotte { 6 }

Hannah { 8 }

Chloe { 12 }

Noah { 3 }

Phebe had a little trouble......

and I also did one as well:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Multiple Phonogram Work for / ai /

Here's the next packet in the series.


I've included all the usual anchor charts and worksheets...

and these ones too....

I even put them in a bundle too.....

Multiple Phonogram Spelling Workbook BUNDLE

Monday, March 12, 2018

Art Monday

Some of the girls didn't quite get to the finish line today, but I still have enough for show and tell this week.  Yay!

It always starts off with a sketch......

Here's Hannah's sketch....

And Chloe's sketch....

And Hannah's painting....

And my painting...... I dunno, I got a sad one today....

But I do see more improvement, so all good.  :)

Friday, March 9, 2018

Making Home Made Apple Dumpings

Yes, Home Made Apple Dumplings..... Delicious!

You'll have to make your own dough for it though.

3 cups of bread flour
2 teaspoons yeast
300 mls water
4 teaspoons sugar  { you want a sweet bread }

Combine your dough ingredients, then put it into a plastic bowl and cover with some plastic wrap.

Every hour or so give it a bit of a rough up and let sit again.

When you are ready to do your dumplings, peel and cut about 6 apples.  Give them a quick wash.  They will go into your dish NOT cooked.   Yep, they need to be RAW when you roll them up in your dough.

Roll your dough out - long is preferred.  Be very generous and lather on a TON of butter { a couple of good tablespoons worth in fact }.   Cake it over with a TON of brown sugar.  Be generous with that too.  Then add your chopped apples all over the top.  Now, roll up your apple dumpling roll.  Cut into large and generous { yes, that seems to be the key word to this whole process, and it works, so definitely use it } portions.  Somewhere between 1 - 2 inches.  Line your buttered baking dish with these cut rolls.

Place into the oven for about 35 mins or until the bread portion looks cooked and golden brown.

Let cool on oven top.

That's it.  A little time consuming if you are waiting on the dough rising etc...  But it will all be worth it - you want your bread portion to be really, really, really good.  And it needs that time to develop the gluten etc.. for a good bread. 

After that you will be praised as an amazing cook!
The crowds will beg you for more!
You will become a legend in your own kitchen!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

More Memories of Charlotte

I need to document more memories for Charlotte of her school work, so this is where I'm putting them.  :)

She has now started her last Unit for Grade 2 Math......

Plenty of carrying and borrowing....

And because the above Math curriculum is American and we are in Australia, I just swapped out the currency in the book for an Australian currency activity center instead.

Doing more work with SOTW II....

Her spelling notebook....

A compare and contrast for her Horse lapbook.

A life cycle story as well....

The story glued in underneath in the correct order.

And the princess herself coloring in...  :)

A lot changes while their little... a lot.... 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

New Products in Store.... Surprise unveiling of a New Product Line

Do I tell you about the 'Australian Horse Coin Currency' or 'Horse Telling Time' Activity Centers first or the new Science Pockets instead??

I've been super busy... when the inspiration and motivation kick in you should jump to as quick as possible before it's gone again.  Life is so busy here at my house.  There is always something to do, some little distraction, and lots of work as a mum.  And sometimes we just need to enjoy the precious little babies we have in the quiet.  This week though, the inspiration has had me very busy.

Yes, so, I made a Horse { Australian } Coin Currency activity center set.  It has 135 cards to date.  That's 9 different sets in there.  Each set has 15 cards and a recording worksheet.

Australian Recognizing Currency Coin Values BUNDLE Horse

Then I also made a bunch of Horse Telling Time activity centers as well.  It has 6 activity centers in it, and a couple of recording worksheets too. I am hoping to add a couple more to the pack at a later date to complete it.

Time - Hour & 5 Minute Intervals BUNDLE

But my most exciting new addition is the introduction to my new product line:  Science Pockets.

The first pocket that I did was take my Salmon Lapbook and shrink-a-dink it down to a pocket.  Essentially it came down to a pocket with a couple of mini books, illustrated visuals, pocket title and a life cycle flip book.  

So now it will only take a couple of lessons to complete the theme instead of about 12 { that's how many lessons I have in the lapbooks }.  And it'll look great when you put all your pockets together as a Big Collection of Pocket Books.  { but I digress }

Science Pocket Salmon

And then I did a Bee Pocket.  Yes, it comes with photos to show you how to set it all up.  Now imagine the beauty of it completed.  

Super cute, hey?

Science Pocket Bee

A Science Pocket


1. Passage 
2. Vocabulary
3. Drawing Life Cycle 
4. Illustrations to cut out
5. Pocket Titles
6. Bee Hive
7. Mini Book – Bee
8. Life Cycle Flip Book

An awesome research pocket for your 2nd - 5th graders. I've tried to make it interactive, eye catching, and interesting. 

Fill your pocket with mini books, illustrative visuals, flip books and more. 

Thanks so much for visiting.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Little Charlotte { 6 } Show and Tell

Charlotte continues with Grade 1.

Here are some of the things she's been doing....

This months lapbook on Horses.

 I was very impressed with her effort on this activity.  She loved doing it and we discovered that she could read the words herself.  She did the whole activity by herself.  I don't know if it was a good thing or not that she didn't need me for it.  It's good because she's doing her own work, it's bad { read "sad" } because I'm not holding her hand anymore.

Today she worked on her Opinion paragraph flip book for Horses.  I asked her to write about what she feels, or thinks about them.  What did she like?  What does she not like?   Those are the types of questions we use for opinion.  We'll work on a Fact paragraph later on.

Her reading is phenomenal.  Each day she reads me two stories { at least }.  One from the book below, and one from another book.

She's been working a lot on First, Next, Then, and Last paragraphs for her English.  I do have another English on it's way for her to move into after we've finished with these. 

I've also moved her into some Time activities too - to make sure that she can read those clock faces.  At the moment my BUNDLE for it has 90 cards in it.  So plenty of practice.  :) 

Charlotte as she nears the end of this particular activity for the day.

And of course we still have some left over Spider stuff we need to finish.

Dissolve their prey with 'digestive juices'..... delicious.  ha ha ha ha.

We are now up to Week 8 in SOTW II.  I have started asking her for a sentence of her own making.  I then follow it up with a second sentence to help bulk out her written piece.

We are also working through the extra practice sheets for the CLE LA 1.  I just want to ensure that we have covered the main ground and that she has it pretty good in her mind.

And my last show and tell today for Charlotte is her character work.

Time is entirely precious, so that when you visit, I particularly want to thank you for your time. 

Thank you so much for visiting.