Friday, February 24, 2017

Challah in a Bag

Even though I'm giving up bread for the most part - my children aren't....  and they want bread:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Letter of the Week { Ff }

Today we are jumping over /d/ and /e/ since they are so similar to /b/ and /c/ and going to the letter { Ff }.  We'll back track later for those other two letters.

Here are this weeks files.  You'll have to click on each part separately to download them all.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Art in Week 7

Here's what we did for Art in Week 7

{ Charlotte }

{ Phebe }

{ Hannah }

{ Chloe }

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Crab Day Pack

Today I've got my Crab Day Packet to share.

It's very simple, but it's still useful.

There's a cover page.

Day Packet - Crab { Sea Life } freebie
A can, have, are page.
It also has an inside page that works with it too.
Day Packet - Crab { Sea Life } freebie
A question page.
Day Packet - Crab { Sea Life } freebie
A Crab Facts page.
Day Packet - Crab { Sea Life } freebie

Yeah, so just click any of the pages above to download.

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The Blumenfeld Archive

Guess what peoples?

Yep, Samuel Blumenfeld has Alpha Phonics online for FREE.

He also has cursive handwriting too.

So I need a good place to put his link,

and that's what we are doing here today.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Charlotte Update

Little Miss Grade 1 has now done the first 6 weeks.

I've tried to keep things not too overwhelming, but at the same time, give her a decent amount of school to do each day.

{ English }

Charlotte is now up to LTR 105 - which is half way through the program.  At this point I'm thinking that I'll need to start slowing it down a little - as it does tend to move along rather quickly.  She needs a little time to slow down so that she can build her fluency.  Sure, she can sound out those words in the story, but she needs time to work on getting a smooth consistency in delivery of the sentences so that it actually sounds like a story rather than a list of words.

and because she is in 105, she has also started their Language Arts books as well.

{ Maths }

She's doing awesome with it and just finished lesson 60 yesterday.  At this point we've only just introduced subtraction.

{ History }

This year I have SOTW I back out and in use, and Charlotte really likes it.  I don't make her do a ton of narrations or anything - yet - just nice and easy - listen to the story, and do a little something to leave a paper trail.

We do SOTW on Mondays and Wednesdays.

On Fridays we do a little from this other book.

{ Science }

We've moved into the next topic.  The first topic we looked at living and non-living.  This new topic we are looking at habitats.

{ Cursive Handwriting }

Yep, we've started that too.

{ Bible }

We are making some really good progress through our Bible read aloud.  This week was perfect as it coincided with SOTW!

Yes, so that is todays little catch up on where Charlotte is 6 weeks into the school year.  Obviously there's a heap of little things that round out the days that I haven't included, but I thought I'd still share some of it.  

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Letter of the Week { Cc }

Yay, another Letter of the Week pack!

I am so glad that I am making these packs, it's just too bad it has taken me this long to get serious about making them for the entire alphabet.  I find it's always super nice to wake up on a random day and go, "oh I need a worksheet for this.... " and voila, I'll have it good to go.  Additionally, even though Charlotte is already doing very well in the alphabet department, she is able to utilize a number of these worksheets as we go along too.

Yeah, so just right click the page above to download the main portion of this weeks pack.

In the second portion we have the bracelets, jigsaws, and odds and ends.

This is a separate download, please click the picture below for that particular pack.

And because I'm not really one for procrastination I also have the third portion all good to go as well today.

I hope you are enjoying these worksheets and that they are useful for you.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Letter Bb Add Ons

After a busy long weekend away - we went to South Australia, I am now back home catching up on some work.

Today I have the Word Searches & Cursive Handwriting pages for the Letter Bb.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Week 5

Today I thought I'd share a couple of items that we've done in the house this week:

An History essay by Hannah.

A Science essay by Hannah.

Some vocabulary work by Phebe.

A Science essay by Phebe.

Some vocabulary work by Hannah.

Some new word wall cards for Charlotte.

A lesson on cursive handwriting for Charlotte.

The Letter Aa for Noah.

A Letter Aa hat for Noah.

I found this worksheet online somewhere; Noah enjoyed putting it together.

Don't forget to check out this weeks ART as well.

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