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2015 Yearly Planner

January Calendar Pages

February Calendar Pages

{ Bible }

Bible Narration Pages - One

Memory Verse Cards 1

Memory Verse Cards 2

Galatians 1 - cursive penmanship

Ephesians 1 - cursive penmanship

Ephesians 2 - cursive penmanship

1 Peter 1 - cursive penmanship

1 Peter 2 - cursive penmanship

1 Peter 3 - cursive penmanship

1 Peter 4 - cursive penmanship

1 Peter 5 - cursive penmanship

2 Peter 1 - cursive penmanship

2 Peter 2 - cursive penmanship

2 Peter 3 - cursive penmanship

Psalm 23 Penmanship

Memory Verses in Boxes

Bible Copywork - Junior Lined Paper

Galatians 5:22-23 Copywork

Bible Units

{ Character Studies }

Character and Commands for Littles

Character Workbook 49 pages

Character - What it looks like 52 pages

Character - Alertness

Character - Attentiveness

Character - Availability

Character - Boldness

Character - Benevolence

Character - Creativity

{ Day Packs }

Sea Life - Whale

Sea Life - Crab

Sea Life - Fish


Wildlife - Lion





{ Language Arts }

Digraph Game Board

Phonogram Interactive Notebook

Thanksgiving HAT

Write that Sound - November

Spelling Forms for November

Interactive Flip Books - Letter B

Alphabet Color, Track, and Trace 1 & 2

Desert Cut and Paste

Transport Cut and Paste

On the Farm Cut and Paste

Zoo Cut and Paste

Winter Cut and Paste

Sea Cut and Paste

Notebooking - Penguin

Spelling - Syllable Sort

Digraph Bingo

Coin Sort - Australian 

Super Star Sentences

Community Worker Sentences

Label the Elephant

Rainforest Flip Book

Australian Animal Flip Book

Vocabulary Worksheet

ABC Order - Creation


Horse Outline / Essay

Strawberry Themed Reading Log

Multiple Phonogram Blank Forms

Art Cards 1

Art Cards 2

Art Cards 3


Spelling / ABC Order

Cowboy Spelling

Spelling Tiles

ABC Order - Winter

ABC Order - The Three Little Pigs

ABC Order - Summer Time

Autumn Paragraph Writing

Cowboy Phonogram Game Sample

Antonym Recording Worksheet

Months of the Year, Days of the Week

Gingerbread Spelling List Worksheet

Squirrel Calendar Pocket Chart

Fold Up Book a

Fold Up Book b

Fold Up Books c and d

Fold Up Books - a to j

a and an



Alphabet Game Boards C and D

Alphabet Game Board - F

HFW Books 5 and 6

Community Workers

Zoo Write the Room

Multiple Phonogram Craft Pages

Multiple Phonogram Flip Book

Tiger Cloze

Bird Cloze

Turkey Writing

Farm Match Ups

Alphabet tracing worksheets

Alphabet worksheets

Puppy Template for 101 Dalmatians

Letter b for bear

Letter c for crab

Phonic Tracers

Accordion Book - Transport

Accordion Book - Cats

Accordion Book - Farm

Accordion Book - Monkey

Accordion Book - Shells

Write the Room - Zoo

Write the Room - Arctic

Mikey's Missing Alphabets

Make a Scene - Jack & the Beanstalk

Make a Scene - Goldilocks & the 3 Bears

Make a Scene - Humpty Dumpty

{ Maths }

Skip Counting Frogs

Multiplication Flip Books

Multiplication Flash Cards

Skip Counting Chart

Counting Beyond 100

Quick Maths Assessments

5x Games

3x Games

2x Games

Community Workers Numerals

Arctic Odd or Even

Thanksgiving Maths

2 x Bee skip counting cards

Counting Chart 100s

Picture Sums

Counting Charts to Ten

Counting 1 - 10 Koala Theme

Counting 11 - 20 Koala Theme

Count to 5 Fairy Tale Jigsaws

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  1. I found an elephant labeling page and now I cannot relocate it. It comes from The Paper Maid. Can you help?

  2. Oops parhamkj@gm.sbac.edu Long, long day. :)

  3. http://adepts.blogspot.com.au/search/label/Elephant

  4. Help, I can not find the directions for digraph bingo. mrwhite6@dishmail.nethanks, Ronda

  5. Directions for the Digraph Bingo:



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