Monday, October 24, 2016

Wordly Wise Book 5

Whoo Hoo!!

I've been working to make some extra helps for Wordly Wise Book 5 for the girls next year.

I have the first 12 supplementary lessons done already.
That is a smidge past the first half of the book.

That way both Phebe and Hannah will have some extra printables to help pad out the lessons.

Do the written definitions on Monday and Tuesday.

It works out to be a single page of work each day.

Then write your own sentences on Wednesday and Thursday.  

Finally, do the cut and paste definitions on Friday.

I actually have TWO different worksheets to make sure we cover ALL of the list words.

Additionally, I have a picture version of the first definition worksheet - and the cut and paste definitions separate - which you can print out on colored paper for prettiness, to glue on.

The following week do the work from the workbook itself. 

Yeah, so there you have it.  I'll be looking to finishing up the remaining 8 lessons asap.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Macaroni and Cheese

Every now and then you get an awesome recipe that you never want to lose.

Seriously, this is going to be on your top 10!

Macaroni and Cheese

500g macaroni
500g kraft box blue
4 cups milk
4 cups water
150g butter

near the end add:
1 tin corn kernels

fried bacon

Here's a video on how to make macaroni and cheese:

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Grade 5 Phebe 2017

Here's what I've got lined up for Phebe this year:

 { Bible }

She's already started it, so that is nice.  So now she'll just continue on.  :o)

{ English }

Yep, she's already peeked in this book too.

{ Maths }

Phebe has worked quite well with Saxon 5/4 so I think this next book
will also be a super good fit for her as well.

{ Reading }

Various readers throughout the year.

{ History }

This book will be new, so she's being paired with Hannah for History this year with the following.  :o)

Our backup book for just in case.  Once we add outlines, essays, map work, people pictures, and timelines it would easily become a full curriculum without too much trouble.  Yeah, so a good backup plan.  :o)

{ Science }

Just the next book in the series.  :o)

Do a little vocabulary work, do an outline, write a little.  Maybe even do some diagrams.  Too easy.  The way science is supposed to be.

{ Spelling }

I don't actually have her spelling book for next year YET.  I've got one in mind but I still need to purchase it.  :o)

{ Vocabulary } 

We actually started this last year, and did like nearly half of them, but never mind, we're going to give it another run.  I'll also be adding worksheets to help spread it out, so we can spend more time in learning the words.  I'll let you know when I'm ready to start sharing those.  I am hoping it will be before the month is out. :o)

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

CVC Fill It Ins and Copywork

I've got a new little upload in the store this week:

CVC Fill It Ins and Copywork

Inside you'll find 15 worksheets - 3 worksheets for each of the 5 vowels. 

Simply have the child circle the correct word, next - copy the missing word into the lined space provided, and lastly - copy the completed sentence in the space below.

Perfect for your beginner readers and writers.


Just click the cover above to go and check it out.

You can print them up a bajillion times if you like, just so long it's only for 
your direct family or classroom.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Memory Verse Making

Here's a great way to help get your children learning scripture as memory verses.

This project will be for every Monday, under their Bible tab.

First, locate some memory verses.

I thought we'd use the ones from confessionsofahomeschooler.
I love how she had all the ABC memory verses on one page.

After that we'll be using the free ones from Simply Charlotte Mason.

Each week we'll make a new card for the next letter of the alphabet.

By the end of it they'll have lovely keepsakes and some awesome scripture in their hearts and minds.

And if you can't write or do copywork just yet, that's ok too.
We'll just cut and paste it onto your card.

They'll get stored in their own personal file boxes.
Yes, each girl has their own.  :o)

ps.  I already have a really nice stash of beautifully decorated verses from previous makings, but yes, just thought we'd take the girls back there to build their own.

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