Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Grade 3 Hannah 2017

Here's what I've got lined up for Hannah this year:

{ Bible }

I figure that she'll just mosey along at 1 page a day, except on Mondays where she'll add a new memory verse to her collection.  I just want her to start getting used to reading a real Bible and looking up the answers in it.

{ English }

Hannah has already started Book 4 so she'll just continue on until it's finished.

{ Maths }

I thought that she might have done a bit better with this, so I'm giving her another round of it instead of letting her go on to the next book.  She has those couple of years of padding - so it won't put her back to do another year, in fact I think it will just make it all the much more better as it will be much more easier this time.

{ Reading }

Various readers, although to be honest I want to up the level since she reads pretty good.

{ History }

I thought we'd try out something new.  :o)

I was also thinking this book, so I dunno, maybe I will still use it or keep it as a back up.  Not sure, but I am hoping that by the time we get there it will all be settled.

{ Science }

This year I want to add in all the questions too, not just an outline/mini essay on each chapter.

{ Spelling }

This is what she is currently using, and will just continue working on through.  I'm hoping to pick up the next book in the series as a follow on.

Apart from doing the workbook, each day I dictate 10 words for her to work on - whatever was spelled wrong is copied correctly and their syllables are also noted and worked on.

{ Vocabulary }
She did do a few lessons already, but I'm still going to send her back to the beginning of the book and see if we can't lift that level of delivery.

We'll also add in other odds and pieces and in particular Art as well.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Week 36

Yep, here we are in week 36 and what do I have to show for it?

Not much chookies.

We're still doing a ton of work, but I haven't been taking that many photos.

Some Art.......

I've quit facebook AGAIN.  Such a disappointing place.

In replacement I've decided to pick up on the youtube thing somewhat.  Maybe not as much time on it, but something to help make the transition of giving up fb.

Here are a couple of recent video's of the school work:

MOH II - Lesson 66

Saxon 6/5 - Lesson 57


I've joined the VIRTUAL HOMESCHOOL COOP for this up and running American school year 
{ 2016 - 2017 }

So I'll also be doing video's for that as well.
Assignments 1 and 2 are already available.

I hope that it is something that you are interested in, if so, jump over to my channel and subscribe.

Additionally, join in.  We'd love to have you!

Must run, I'm also limiting my time on the computer these days.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Grade 1 Charlotte 2017

Here's what I have lined up for Charlotte and Grade 1 for our 2017 year.

{ Bible }

Bible Stories

{ English }

Learn To Read CLE
Now, as some of you know we are currently working in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons - so this is laying some awesome ground work for when we return to do these.

Followed immediately by Grade 1 CLE.
Technically you can start their Language Arts program once you hit 106 in the LTR, but we shall see how she goes.  They cover a lot of phonics and rules.  Great stuff.  Charlotte will be my 4th child using this curriculum.  Once you find something that is exceptional and works amazing, you just keep using it.  :o)

{ Maths }

Rod and Staff 1

She's already started Book 1, so now she'll just continue until she's finished with Book 2.

{ Reading }

Various beginning readers starting with these:


Here's a photo of the inside of the Green { super beginner } book.  How awesome and gentle is that to start a child with reading?  

I love, love, love that they are ALL God centred and Bible focused.

In addition to HER reading, "I" will still be trying to find time to read stories / books to her too.

{ History - Story of the World I }

I love that you can buy the activity pages and tests as pdf downloads.
I do have hard copies { ie. the books in real life, so I still have the questions, narration examples - which I like to use as copywork quite frankly, and book recommendations } but I really prefer the pdf's instead.

{ Science - Evan Moor Science 1 }

Soooooooo gentle and easy, and it meets my paper trail addiction.
I don't really want to do anything heavy for Science for Grade 1 simply because she will be really focused on getting her reading down solid, and a bit of basic math started.

{ Art / Activity }

Word Work - Generally this will just be her working through a ton of worksheets that I picked up from TpT that focus mainly on word work - Phonics, Vocabulary etc...  Alternatively, there'll be Art days in there too.  However I think in reality that she'll be doing all sorts of things.  This is just the tick space on my list that gives us the room to move things in and move things out - that little something to break up all the other monotony. 

Now, having planned all this, we still have a couple of months before it goes live..... so there is always a small chance I might tweak it before then.  ha ha ha, a good homeschooling mummies prerogative.  :o)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Random Catch Up

Charlotte finished her Beginning Sounds workbook.  Yay!!

She also completed Lesson 15 in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

I've tried doing video's a couple of different ways now - my camera, my laptop, hubbies phone....... so I'm still trying to work out which one yields a better video.

Noah having a cute moment.

A drawing by Phebe.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Whaaaaaaaaat, a video?

Yes, I made a video.  Ok, that's not what is so amazing, what IS amazing is that I am in it!!!!

No, sit down!  You're in it?


This week { week 33 - Yay }

We went back to doing MOH II with all seriousness.

A copywork - coloring - worksheets

Chloe went back to work in here:

I kept food experimenting.  This one turned out great - pizza pockets, essentially.  { But done like Korean Hotteok }  So it's in a bread dough.

Phebe started Grade 5 Bible.

Charlotte is nearly finished her beginning sounds book.

Most of her maths this week was simply counting and writing to 20.

And the big ticket is that we are doing Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons.  Doing awesome!!

I made a little sticker chart to keep track of them.

Chloe went back to doing essays for Science.

and Charlotte had a go at this little gem.

Ok, my chookies.  

Hope you enjoyed the video. 

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