Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Teaching the States of Australia

I've discovered an ingenious method of teaching the states of Australia.

To be fair, I'm not the first one to find it either, nor will I be the last.

This fabulous method uses 3 part cards, Montessori style.

I printed them up, laminated them, and cut them out.

Miss 4 finds that they are so quick, simple, and fun - all the while putting that trivial knowledge in her head without any thought that it might be difficult.  Today I asked her how many states does Australia have?  She was able to tell me without me having to prompt or lead her on.  Yay~!!

Next week I'll start asking her to tell me what each state is without the title prompts.

Technically, we're still on school break here, so the older girls will get a peek at this next week when school resumes.

If you're interested in making your own 3 part cards for the Australian States you can get them for FREE from A Moment In Our World.

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