Friday, July 13, 2018

The Rocks of Honey

Hannah has also finished Watership Down, and enjoyed it immensely, as the same for the other two girls.  So, I needed to find a new read for that space on the schedule.  Here's what I choose for Hannah.

The Rocks of Honey

Sorry guys, but we did dispense with the dust jacket, it was in the way...

Written by Patricia Wrightson and printed in 1960.  She is a distinguished writer for children.   Her books have won many prestigious awards all over the world.

I love the sketch work in it.

This is an Australian book.

It's about an Aboriginal legend, and a hidden stone axe which is believed to be cursed.  Basically it's a treasure hunt.  Barney and his Aboriginal friend with a third child are determined to find the axe.  But of course, there are a string of accidents along the way, which leads them to conclude that the legend is much more than they originally thought, but is it??

Descriptions of the local landscape do not escape the book and there is even a "shivering authentic encounter account of a close encounter of a local spider".

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