Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Hannah Update

Wow, are you in for a treat today.  Lots of show and tell.

Only 1 more week of formal sit down school and we, my friends will be on our gigantic school holidays.

Now having said that, I do have to confess that I totally imagine us still doing some "schooly" things during those 8 glorious weeks.  I tell you this so that you know I'll still be blogging and doing show and tell.  :o)   ( In particular I'll be doing a whole stack of posts about the curriculum we'll be using next year. )  Back to the holiday part:  English, Maths, and History will be taking a serious break.  I imagine crafts will still be on the table, and nature study may get a chance to shine.  :o)
This week little Miss Hannah jumped another level.  We began this book:
There is something really wonderful hearing a child "sound" out their words - all by themselves - and getting it right.
She not only sounded out these words but could also sound out and read, "see me eat.  see me read".  Pretty impressive.
We also added some new flash cards to our pocket chart, and revised last weeks words.
And we tried this activity again, keeping last weeks words and adding this weeks words.
This week we added ANOTHER 6 phonograms as well. 
We also pulled out a new resource that I got FREE on TpT.  Pumpkin playdough mats for counting.  We didn't use playdough though since I already had some laminated pumpkins that I made from my sizzix.  It's not free at the moment but hay, what's 50cents?  Just click Hannah in the photo to check out where I got them from.
Another new activity we tried this week was Read and Cover.  I just made up this little grid with her words and punched out a few scallop circles.

As she reads each word she covers it up.  Simple and quick but effective for revision and practice.
And if you don't mind a HEAP of mess you can always try crafts like this:

Hannah also did some more practice with writing.  These particular pages are a personal spin off from my usual book on TpT.  So they are a little different where the letters in the boxes are.

And I also bought a really cool little book for some maths practice.    Basically the child matches up the numbers with the math fact and it turns into a picture. To go and check them out on my friends blog just click the photo. 
Well, I think I'll stop here because well, I think this is probably enough show and tell for Hannah this week and I haven't even got to Chloe, Phebe, or Charlotte.
And this week I'm joining up with:
I hope you will join us.
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  1. Very sweet! What great work!
    Have a great weekend!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. Very impressive!
    Where did you get those little linkable white letters? They look like puzzle pieces, but not quite...
    Heidi Butkus


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