Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tell Me Something Good

Tell Me Something Good
I hope you will join us for this round of "tell me something good."
Something Good at School:

This is our last week of school for the year.  Yay~!!  In fact, only two more days of bookwork.  Then..............8 glorious weeks of fun and play.

We are having our end of school year party next Wednesday if you'd care to join us.   It's a formal dress up, sit down, High Tea.  :o)  If you can't make it, that's ok, I'll be doing an awesome show and tell on it on Thursday.  :o)   A post not to be missed.
Something Good at Home:
Today we are expecting to hear that the the little boys will be able to go and spend two nights away with their mum.  Yep, overnight stays.  If approval comes through this will be their first overnight stay with her in nearly 2 years.  Well, technically she has had overnight stays with them already - when she lived here, but it's different when they live somewhere else.  Either way, the whole thing is a bit complicated, as you can understand, but the good news is that we are making progress.  :o)

I hope it goes super good and is the beginning of a quick transition of giving them back to her.

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