Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Multiplication for 2

Sometimes one simply MUST re-invent the wheel - of sorts, because well, it's fun.
Here's a neat little multiplication packet to help learn those 2 x tables.

Included is:

1. A set of cards ( dog theme ) with the multiplication questions on them.

2. Then a page with the answers.

3. Division by 2. Teaching multiplication is all about patterns and should be taught with division facts as well.

4. Fractions by 2. Just for fun or your advanced students who need a little more.

5. Answer cards for Division and Fraction cards.

6. Count by 2 - Sequence cards

7. Color and Skip counting worksheet.

8. Speed drill worksheet.

9. Multiply by 2 mini cards

10. Divide by 2 mini cards

11. Half of 2 mini cards

12. ALL the cards again with NO color - so the children can color them themselves.

A total of 17 pages of printables + cover and credits.
Come and check out some pictures:
The main set of multiplication cards.
The answer cards.

Sequencing cards.
A worksheet for counting by 2.
Speed drill practice.
One of the highlights from this packet is that ALL the cards come in NO color as well.  How cool is that? 
You could even print these out on colored paper.

If you'd like a FREE copy - just be the first or second person to make a comment on this post.  Yep, I'm giving away 2 copies~!!  I like to celebrate.
If you still want a copy, but missed out, please check out my TpT store HERE - it's only $ 1.00.  Bargain~!!
But don't go just yet - I also have these recording sheets for you too.  Just click the picture.  It has 5 worksheets.
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  1. This looks like fun...much better than my memories of learning my times tables!!

  2. I agree that looks like a much more fun way of learning times tables!!



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