Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Sneak Peek

I just thought that I'd drop in and give you a sneak peek into a couple of the activities that I've put in my new Thanksgiving book.

This particular activity has 3 pages to print. 

This is the base page.  I've cut it down a little so that it would fit on the colored background paper.  Not necessary, but I just wanted it to look nicer.

The second page - which goes over on top is colored and cut down to fit over the base page.  Each person strip is separated by cutting along the line.

That way when you lift a person up it reveals a space behind them.

The words and pictures are from the 3rd page for this activity.  That way if your students can't read / draw - no problem.  It's all done for them.  All they have to do is color, cut and paste.  But for the older or more competant children, you can just have them draw or write in the space provided. 

I love that I can give this activity to all 3 of my girls and differentiate it to their level. 

Another activity that I included was 3 accordion books.  They are just mini High Frequency Word books to make.  I've included instructions on how to make the accordion book bases too.

Here's one of them done already.  This is the front cover. 

This story is about what they each brought to Thanksgiving, and works well with the previous activity.

I also have a few other gems in the book as well.  Can't wait to do show and tell with them too.  I just need my little guinea pigs darling children to come play.  LOL

I am hoping that I will have this book uploaded soon.  Sort of thinking that I might still tweak it a little. 

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