Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Columbus Day

Well, I think we have now finished up our Columbus theme.
Here are a few things we did.
Stick puppets.  This Columbus asking Queen Isabella for some money to fund his little adventure.
We made Columbus hats.   I freestyled the pattern myself.
We also made telescopes with our handy dandy toilet rolls.  The girls painted them black.
I think Phebes little telescope came out the best.   It was more sturdy with joining two same sized rolls together.
Freestyling ships in a bottle.  Adding Columbus was an afterthought, otherwise I would have had the girls put the sails a bit more to the left. 
I found some more books with Columbus in them too.
This was an odd book.  It's basically a picture book where you FIND things in them.
And I also found him in:
Famous Explorers
Great Lives Great Deeds
Don't forget to check out my other Columbus post for additional books that we found him in.
We finished off with a little writing.
Thanks for visitng.

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