Thursday, October 4, 2012

Multiple Phonogram Word Sorts

Do you remember my Apple unit that had the multiple phonogram word sort in there?

Well, I tweaked it, and worked on it, and now it is a 38 page book. 35 of those pages are for printing and using in your lessons.

I ended up with 10 sort boards, each board has 3 sounds on it.

I also added a second level of work. This is where I colored the
focus phonogram red.

Check out these samples.
The cover page.  A little bit similar to the Apple one.  I laminated mine to go on the cover of my file folder.  That's where I store all my worksheets that we are going to use.

And I kept these - and continued to make 4 more SETS of them.  So I got a total of 30 sounds/apples.

I also kept this, and I ended up with 10 sort boards~!!  Yep, and each board has 3 different sounds on it.  That's a lot of phonograms to look at.  :o)

And this is where things got changed up a little.

I decided that I should only provide the words for each individual board.   This meant that I could get two copies of the words on the same page.  That would work well if you needed multiple copies in a classroom.  :o)


Then I added a lower level version of the words.  When I say lower level, I just mean that I made the focus phonogram red to make it EASIER for the child to work out where the word should go.

Yeah, so there you have it.  That's how it all came out.

Here is one of the worksheets done by the older girls.

I spent a week occasionally reviewing 6 phonograms ( with Hannah ) which I had made into little stick puppets.

She thought this was heaps fun, and it only took like a minute each time too.  Super easy.  Super quick.  Super efficacious.

And at the end of the week I gave Hannah one of these worksheets, with which she did without any problems at all.

Worksheet done by Miss Hannah ( 3y5m )

And just in case you are curious,
This book is over in my TpT store for only $1.50.  Do you think that is a fair price?   It's just that I often see files with LESS pages for quite a LOT more money on them.  So I wonder if I am undervaluing my work?
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