Monday, October 22, 2012

Fun Friday on a Monday

Yep, it's going to have to be a Fun Friday on a Monday today.
This cool little link up is hosted by Kelly from Teaching Fourth.  I hope you will join us~!!
Fun Lesson
The girls really, really, really had a lot of fun doing peg counting.  Such a simple idea, but so much fun.

Fun Lesson from someone else
I used some playdoh mats that I got off TpT.
Fun Fall
Ummmmm, we are actually having spring over here in Australia.  The weather has been slowly warming up and is absolutely delicious today~!!  The trees are all coming on green.  I can even see the cherry tree with a few good cherries starting out too.  Can't wait for those.~!!
Fun Pin
1 Pin - are you serious?  Doesn't everybody know how addictive that place is?  I can't have just ONE pin.  What type of pinner would I be if I didn't have 100 even.  ROFLOL
Ok, ok, but since I can only have 1 - I've popped in a little cupcake.  :o)
Fun Freebies
Darlings, I ALWAYS have freebies going on my blog.    This week I had a multiplication freebie for skip counting by 2 in a Bee theme.
Thanks for visiting~!!


  1. Those cupcakes look delicious! I'm glad that is the pin you selected :) Thanks for the freebie!

  2. I actually thought about you and your springtime weather when I was making the Fun Friday template. I hope you are having a wonderful spring! Thank you so much for linking up again!

    Teaching Fourth

  3. Your girls are adorable :) Simplicity and spring weather are 2 of my favorite things!

    Rock Stars At Work


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