Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Product Swap

Welcome to our second Product Swap Review~!!

Today I will be reviewing a product by Sue Lattea from:


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Name of Product:  Apple Addition

Format:  Downloadable PDF file

Number of Pages:  25

Grade target:  Kindergarten, First

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First I downloaded, printed, and stapled the book together.  You will need a color printer for the apples at the end of the book.

If you don't have a color printer or didn't want to use the apples then the child could just color their way through the book.  There is a page of apples with no color included in the back of the book as well, just in case, so all your bases are covered.

I also pulled out one of my scrapbooking circle punches to make things a little quicker and easier.

On page 2 of the book Sue also gives some directions for use.

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My little assistant was Phebe ( Miss 5 ). 

She LOVED punching out the little apples.

A quick shot before Phebe got carried away with her work.  The counting starts at Making 3, but I'll just show you from 6 onwards.

One of the great things about this workbook is how easy and appealing it made counting and doing sums.  You know you are on a winner when your child ASKS to do maths~!!  :o) 

Making 7.   The sums are clearly set out.

Making 9.  There isn't any over crowding on the page either.  Which was great.

I think that is good because the child can focus without a mess or distractions on the page.

Making 10.  

As the book progresses more sums can be made with each number.  So by the end of the book there are 3 pages/worksheets for making 10. 

Phebe says that she "loved it very much~!!"

It has been the highlight of our Kindergarten / Grade 1 Maths world these last couple of weeks.   Something different than what she is normally used to.

Highly recommended!!

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Don't forget to visit Sue's Blog at:

and her TpT Store at:

Sue Lattea

Now go and have some fun shopping~!!


  1. EEEEK i need to add this to my cart now! Thanks for joining for the swap :) I hope you'll sign up for the next!

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
    Enter Product Swap #3

  2. We really loved doing this workbook. Heaps fun. Very novel with the little apples. :o)


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