Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We are now on Holidays

We are officially on holidays~!!  We started Friday afternoon.  Yep, even before all my public school friends here in Australia.  No more school for 8 weeks.   We worked really hard this year, and now it is time to have a real rest.  
Well, the children can rest.  I've got some ideas and things that I want to do.   I want to do a number of posts on curriculum, and I'm also planning on writing up a few more books.  :o)
As far as school is concerned I just have to sit down and program for next year now.  I've started it, but just need to get serious about finishing it.  Everything is pretty much taken care of.   I even have a bunch of photocopying and printing already done.  I know, super organised.

I'll still be here doing show and tell and sharing stuff.  :o)

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