Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Almost Finale

Apple Puppet Sticks

This page,
became a matching activity,
which ended up just being little flash cards on sticks like this:

And before the week was out my 3 year old knew all 6 sounds.  I kid you not.
Apple Writing

With the older girls we had a little chat about how to make sentences.
Then we quickly did a little, and I mean little writing.
This is how the Phonogram Sort from my Apples unit thingy majingy turned out.


And as a spin off Hannah did a few of these ( for the 6 phonograms on the apples ).  3 of them got a cut and paste job, and the other 3 just got colored in.
Apple Tree Seasons

This printable came from Sarah.  Just click the worksheet to go to her blog and grab her awesome FREE Apple worksheets.  :o)

We've been using the following for skip counting / counting by 5's for a while now.
They came from Doodlebugs Teaching.  Just click the picture to go to her blog and get this set FREE.
And did you know that we have not one but two apple trees in the backyard?  Yes, we do.  And they are just budding now.
Which is great because the children get to see in real life the seasons of an apple tree.
And I bet that some of you are wondering HOW in the WORLD are our apple trees only just budding now?

I'm in Australia.  :o)

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  1. Oh, Deborah! How cool to have apple trees right there! Mine (the class) have only seen them in books and pictures -that would be a great shared experience!!! Think they would approve a field trip to your back yard???? :)

    Going Nutty!

  2. Staci,

    LOL, we could definitely do a field trip in our backyard. :o) What an awesome field trip it would be. Not sure how the parents would feel about plane tickets though, but hay, you never know. LOL :o)

    Thank you for visiting. :o)


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