Monday, October 22, 2012

New Babies at the House

Just a quick little post to share our good news.  Yesterday we became the proud new parents of 5 little chookies.
Sorry about the lack of quality in the photos.  I was a couple of metres away using a zoom.
We got 2 white ones and 3 black ones.  The black ones are Australorps, and the white ones are Light Sussexs'.  They are only 6 weeks old.
So it will be a while before they start laying.  In the mean time they will make awesome pets for the children.
ps.  Did you know that eggs come out WET and SOFT but harden very quickly?
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  1. Sooo cute!We love chickens. We are up to 15 chickens now and our newset editions are 3 little Barter Brown hens, a leghorn rooster and an Australorp rooster.
    The kids raised them from day old chicks.
    Have fun with them :-)



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