Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Day of School

Yep, we made it~!!  We're here~!!  T H E   L A S T   D A Y of school.
By the time you all read this we will have started our holidays.  :o)
But first, I'll have to do some show and tell.
Here's a collaboratory project for all 3 girls that we did this week.
Animal Habitats.
Which you can get for FREE here.
Oh by the way the glue is still awesome.  I made it Monday morning and popped it in the fridge when we weren't using it and it is still all good.

Something new that I added this week for Miss Hannah for fun was a "feed the cat" game.  It's made out of a cereal box.  I just used a large puppet head and some pretty paper and voila - all made and ready to go.
Then I just added some words that she knows so she could practice with.  As she read each word she fed it to the cat.  :o)
The best thing about this is that I can use it for other types of practice as well.  ie.  Maths
Hannah also did a couple of pages of writing as well.
Phebe did an alphabet order.

Chloe started reading another book.  This series has been a HUGE hit with her.

She also worked on her 2 x tables.  We also used the little Bee cards too, which she is quite liking.

And this week I got the following FREEBIES from Rachelle over at Life Is Sweet in Kindergarten.  I hope you will visit her, she has some awesome stuff~!!

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  1. These are wonderful! Wow! Thanks for the wonderful ideas and link for the habitats! They look great! :-) I hope you have a wonderful break! You deserve it!

  2. We will be on holidays tonight as well. Bliss.

  3. Lucky duck. Enjoy your holidays.


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