Friday, April 17, 2015

{ Week 16 }

Some good news, and some bad news.

The bad news:  I had started my blog post for today earlier in the week.  I even popped in some really nice photos and started chit chatting about them but then, during the week my computer went cactus.  In the absence of my computer I decided to continue working on my post on hubbies computer and that's when the really bad news happened.  I accidentally bumped something on the keyboard and wiped my post clean.  So now I'm starting again.  Oh, and I couldn't just pop the photos back in either because well, they were wiped with my computer too.

The good news:  My computer is back up and running.  I am also now relocated to my desk in the front room.  And the best news this week:  I managed to get a new post done.

Ummmm, I gave the assignment and hoped for the best.

Don't ask me what was in her mind, I have no idea, but it ended up with a lot of words on the page.

Chloe and Charlotte found some time for painting.

The girls got to make a scene for Cinco De Mayo day - even though my children have NO idea that it is just a party day to celebrate some Mexican war against the French, on the 5th of May no less, hence it's given name.

Chloe turned double digits!

Noah graduated to size 0 clothing.

I've been really busy working on some cvc workbooks and what nots too.  So far I've managed to get { a } and { e } done.  They're quite meaty - both up to 42 pages now.  I'm quite pleased with the format and content.  Especially since I managed to get a good selection of worksheets and printables in them.

And for fun, since I like sharing, just click to download.  :o)
It comes out of this book:

I'll see you tomorrow with some more printables.  :o)

Thanks for visiting.

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