Saturday, August 5, 2017

Deathbed Confessions

Why deathbed confessions are useless. { and unbiblical }

Do you remember the parable of the man with the vineyard? Yes, the one who hired people in the morning, and then people at 4.30 pm in the afternoon? Right. They all got paid the SAME. That payment is salvation. But the thing is.......... they actually had to GO and work in the field to get paid.

They got their contract, but they actually had to go to work to get paid. They have to bring forth the fruit of repentance. It takes time to weed that garden of sin, it takes time to grow good fruit. It is not grown with a few wispy words. 

When you have a person on their death bed, being hounded to oblivion to accept Jesus, or they're straight out, out of their minds with fear from the thought of dying and they 'accept' Jesus as their Lord and master etc.... that's them saying, ok, I surrender, I never wanted to do it before, but ok, I'll make a verbal contract with the boss to go and do some work.......... except they never get there. It's too late.

So bring your fruit of repentance to the field today and don't wait for your deathbed because by then we all know what you chose to do with your life, day in and day out.

So dear people, please stop pestering, hounding, giving false hope to people who have MADE their DECISION for ALL the previous years of their lives. The death bed is not where they get saved. The death bed is where they get the BILL for their sin. Then off they go to pay it.

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