Thursday, August 17, 2017

Interactive Penguin Lapbook

Today I wanted to share my latest lapbook project, Penguins.

The cover.

When you first open it up.
4 Vocabulary words to the left, a reading passage on the first insert, and a compare and contrast on the right hand side flap.

The vocabulary is done with little matchbooks.  Just cut and paste the definitions in, or copy them in.

I've also included a cut and paste list of labels for the compare and contrast.

The passage.

Turn the passage over and the cloze is underneath.  There is also a secondary cloze available for older children.

The mini books and pockets on the top of the right hand insert.

My opinion flip book - which will walk your student through on how to formulate an opinion paragraph.
A Penguin log book to keep track of all the books you look at or read about Penguins.
A tri-fold can, have, are for All About Penguins.
Lastly, a set of 8 life cycle sequence cards.

Life cycle of the Penguin.  Cut and paste under the correct picture, or copy.

Label and color the Penguin.

I also added the remaining 2 vocabulary words underneath the Label the Penguin.

Lift up the middle insert and this is where I put the writing portion.  It is situated in the middle back part.

How it looks opened up.

Here is show the second writing page underneath the first one.

This is the Art activity.  Cut and paste your penguins on { just print an extra set of sequence cards } and color.

Copy work for the writing.  If your child can write without help, by all means, but if they just need copywork - I have provided 8 details to help them along.

The minibooks out of the pockets.

The can, have, are tri-fold.

The sequencing cards.

The two flip books....

opened up...

next page...

Yes, so I am super happy about how this one came out.  Charlotte and I are currently working through it already.  It is designed to take 2 weeks, but it might take us a little longer, depending on how many extra little crafts I add and what we read.

I do have a walk through on how to make the lapbook base HERE.

and a walk through on how to put this lapbook together HERE.

It's on SALE for a bargain $2 HERE.

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