Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Finished SOTW III

Yay~!!  We finally finished SOTW III tonight - it only took us 7 months.  Phew~!!  We got a little tardy with the worksheets near the end of the book though.  Once you see the end approaching, you just want to get it done.  I have kept a few of the coloring pages, just in case, for review and fun to put in the girls folders.

So, now that we've finished, what will we do for History for the remainder of the year?  

Oh, you are too clever~!!  How did you know?

Yep, we are now going to start MOH III. 

I can't wait for school to resume next week.  I have a number of small changes to our school routine and curriculum.  

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  1. Can you do a compare & contrast of the 2? I was very interested in MOH but the fact it was only partially complete when I needed it put me off. I would be interested in hearing what someone who has used both thinks.

  2. Maybe, it's a good idea for a post. :o) I will definitely be keeping the suggestion. :o) Hopefully it'll become a post sooner than later. Thanks for the idea. :o)


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