Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tot School - Working on a Tray

This month Charlotte turns TWO.  These last couple of years have gone quick haven't they?   

Her current and favourite saying is, "ohhhhhh".

Charlotte with her TRAY for school.

{ Counting 2 }

Animal:  Elephant

It's a pretty big tray.  I like that.

{ Counting 2 }

Animal:  Giraffe

We'll probably be working on the numbers 1 and 2 for a couple of months.  No rush.

* * * * * * *

This morning little Miss comes in from the kitchen with a cup in one hand, and the remainder of the soy sauce bottle in the other.  I kid you not.  True story.  Apparently she wanted a drink, and thought it looked good, obviously.  So I quickly grabbed my camera for show and tell.  :o)

I really like the idea of doing little hands on projects with her.  I even ordered a couple of preschool black line masters with craft activities for the alphabet to use. Can't wait for those to arrive.  Pinterest is also going to be an awesome place for ideas as well.

I'll be using the tray as much as possible to try and teach her to work within a certain area.  Nothing worse than having an activity spread over half the room, so yeah, hoping that the tray will minimise that happening.

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