Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Australian Insects

Ever since we started getting into Nature Study I have found that it has been slowly and a most steady winding road to new delightful discoveries.

When we took up AO for Chloe it suddenly went into massive overdrive, and has been producing an entire whole new world to us.

This week while out in the wild I found this particular little gem.  A general flick through the pages revealed a hidden nugget of wealth.

I've been living in Australia my whole life, and all this time I had no idea to the extent of our native insects, let a lone any other animal species.

It's like I was robbed for nearly 50 years and all of a sudden my inheritance is being sent back home.

How did I ever get through life without doing Nature Study??

I have so much to catch up on.

Anyway, back to the book:  it does have some colour plates, but it was the copious amounts of detailed lined drawings that really caught my eye. 

 Can't wait to include it in our schooling along the way.

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