Saturday, May 19, 2018

Random Week 18 Update

Some random photos of some of the things we did for school this week.

Charlotte continued to work on Silent Letters.

As of today she has completed the first 10 lessons in Unit 5.

Hannah and Phebe started Lesson 11 in their Vocabulary / Spelling words.  Technically it's designed to work with Wordly Wise Book 6, but we're using it as a spelling program at the moment.

The girls all hit up workbook 6 in their respective years.

Phebe wrote a composition and then typed it up.  It was a really nice one.   She'd talked about Mothers Day.  

Noah worked on his little activities.
Here he did a pasting activity.

I've decided to post Chloe's A0 notebooking pages as a separate post.  Look for those tomorrow.

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