Sunday, May 13, 2018

Op Shop Book Bargins

It would seem to me that finding true bargains and keepers is getting harder and harder these days.  It could simply be that my book searches are narrowing.  Either that, people are starting to work out that they are worth money and just aren't letting them go like they used to.  Another possibility could be that there is an uptake of people collecting - and knowing what they want.

This week however I was very fortunate to find a grand sum of 2 nice and collectable books that I wanted on my shelves.

The first one I found was a 'How and Why' for Building.

I quite like the short passages and the many illustrations one finds in these editions.

It's just a shame that they are now considered vintage / collectables due to their scarcity.

And if one per-chances to look on ebay, be assured that you will gasp at the prices too.

My 2nd discovery was a little ladybird on Charles II.

Yes, pretty much in the same boat as our previous book, I'm afraid.  People are keeping them and only letting them go for outrageous amounts of money.  ha ha ha.  

Of course, on occasion you will get one at a good and decent price, but be prepared to pay for it.

* * * * * * *

I thought I'd add these little show and tells in since they're connected in some way.

Oh and here's a RARE find; as you know I'm in Australia.  Just finding some of these books out in the wild is often a very rare thing indeed. I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right books on the shelf available.  It's just a good thing that I get to see a lot of show and tell on Reshelving Alexandria, so when I saw them I knew to pick them up straightaway.

How's your book shopping going these days?

What are you looking for?

What treasures have you found this month? 

Leave me a comment and let me know.  :)

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