Friday, June 22, 2018

The Legend of Ulysses

Now, while it's true to some large extent that I haven't been one for much mythology in our homeschool journey, even when we were very devoted to doing Classical Education many years ago, I will still put some on the shelves occasionally.  It's more or less about ensuring that the children have a broader awareness of literature and vocabulary than anything else.  

At any rate, I wasn't particularly looking for anything in this particular department while out recently, so when I spied this little treasure, I snatched it up because of the quality of the book itself.  

Sometimes book collecting is more about availability and usefulness than getting my wish list fulfilled.

In it's cover there is a handy and helpful map which enables his travels to come more to life.

 Medium type, short chapters, and beautiful illustrations make it an excellent children's book.

An excellent addition to any Ancients year study.

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