Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Math Homework

I'm sitting here trying to tell myself that I should only do maybe 15 or 20 posts per month now that I'm back to blogging.  I feel like I'm restraining myself.  I keep thinking, when am I going to share all these things I keep making and doing and seeing?

So I thought, stuff it, I'll just do a quick post this morning about the newest Math Homework worksheets.  Then I'll go back and fill in those days that I missed.  I've been a busy little bee these last few months but I haven't been able to share most of it.  Just yesterday I made a couple more items to go in the store and where are their show and tell?  I really want to do a TON of show and tell.  I have so much material for it. Will it really matter if I blog more often than not?  Would it really be that bad if I went back to a post a day?  It's not like they're novels or anything.  I can whip up a good hello in less than half an hour.

Ok, so here's what I did up this morning:

Yep, this morning.  I was just laying in bed thinking that I really need to make a few more Math Homework pages and this particular topic came to mind.  So I jumped out of bed and got started.

Rounding.  I ended up with 2 different pages.

Rounding 1
 And both of them come with an interactive version as well, just in case you do notebooks.  We're currently using the worksheets as tutoring and practice pages.  I usually sit with a child for the first question or two and then watch them do the rest.

Rounding 2
So, that's it for todays hello.

This week I'll be joining up with:

I hope you will join us.

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  1. I say if you have time, post as much as you want to :-)
    I love seeing all the things you make and do. It's very encouraging :-)


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