Friday, January 23, 2015

{ Week 5 }

This week there's not much show and tell.  I got slack with the camera.

On Tuesday we had a day trip to Melbourne { 3.5 hours each way }.  It was super nice to take a day off school and just go for a long drive.  Lunch was awesome.  We also went to Koorong while we were there too.  I mostly picked up some extra reading books for the girls.

Daniel got to do most of the driving.  He's still working on those ginormous hours that the government of Victoria require for ones license these days.

I picked up these books to add to the collection.  There are 4 books/novels in each one.  I like that it includes "some" real life history in there.

These also made it to my basket.  They're for devotional time.

Hannah's drawings from this week.

All things by 4 continue to be a huge hit in our house.

The girls have a new little splash pool and of course, there are 4 water pistles.  

So as soon as school is done today guess what the little girlies are going to be doing?  Yep, there'll be water everywhere.

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  1. Oh my word, those chairs are the cutest things! What fun!


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