Friday, January 2, 2015

{ Week 2 }

After a full 6 weeks off school I got a bit antsy and decided that we needed to get back to it all again.  So, we did.

Here are some quick takes on some of the things that we've been up to:

Noah decided that he needed to grow a bit more.

Hannah did a wordsearch for Lesson 2 in her spelling.  This is the format that the Wordsearches will come in for the Grade 2 level.  I'll just change the clipart as I go along though.  

As a little ps.  See that font I used for the Wordsearch word?  Yep, it's awesome isn't it?  I thought so too - so that's why I bought it, my first one from KG fonts.  I keep eyeing off her other fonts for purchase too.  She does awesome font work.

All three girls are doing Saxon 5/4.  They started last year, staggered, so this means that they are all at different lessons in the book.  Hannah worked on lesson 29 today.  { Chloe lesson 34, and Phebe lesson 22 } I printed and bound my own little exercise/workbook for their work. It has enough room to do 6 weeks worth of work, then I'll print another one when this one is filled up.  Saxon do provide a reproducible but I wanted a tidier version.

This is the front page of a lesson and the remainder of the lesson is on the other side.  Basically they do all their workings and answer in each box corresponding to the question in the text book.  They only go up to 30 questions when it's in full force, but don't let that fool you into thinking that it is a short and easy curriculum.  By the time they actually do their lesson and get their work done it still takes somewhere between 1 - 2 hours each.  I am sure that I will have quite a lot to say about Saxon Math throughout the year.  It will probably be mostly about how much I LOVE it.  :o)   ha ha ha.

We started with "Patience" in the character department.  Funny that because I really needed a lot of patience these last couple of weeks, being sleep deprived and all.

Don't forget that you can get these two books - FREE - just check in my freebies tab for their links.

We tried some opinion writing using an interactive notebook framework.

The inside:

We also tried sorting between fact and opinion.  Guess we'll be having some more practice with that type of thing this year too.

Then we had a go at writing facts / opinions.  They're little flaps that lift up with their sentences underneath.

On another day we did this for the days activity.  An awesome little fun activity that I got free off TpT from Not So Wimpy Teacher.   Basically you roll the dice to get a number and then you round it off to the nearest 10 and 100.  Because it's interactive, you just lift up the little flap and put the answer underneath.  Just click the photo if you want to go and grab her free download.

We did a ton of other things, but yeah, I'll have to remember to keep the camera charged and next to me in future I think.  :o)

I hope you like my little snap shot of some of the things that we've been doing.  I can't wait to get a bit more in depth show and tell with some of our curriculum, in particular the Saxon Math, English, and Spelling.

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  1. Deborah, what character lessons are you using? I love the look of the pages!

  2. Hi Michele,

    Thanks for visiting. The main book that we use is 'Achieving True Success'.

    At some point I'd like to move over to their scripture version which we have as well.

    So this is why I put these workbooks together:
    Character Workbook 49 pages
    Character - What it looks like 52 pages

    The links for those are in the freebies tab above here on the blog. Just scroll down until you get to the character studies portion.

    Hope that helps.


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