Monday, July 22, 2013

All Things Robinson Curriculum

I've been wandering all over the internet, in an effort to try and pick up as much additional information as I can about how this Robinson Curriculum works.

I like it's very appealing, simple, but effective method.  We have to keep things easy, especially if you have several children homeschooling at once.  The Robinson philosophy does exactly that.  After implementation you'll find the school day as such: 2 hours of maths, 2 hours of reading, and 1 hour of writing { or an essay / page }.  The early grades do preparation in lead up to this.  Basically the concept is to get the children to be SELF teaching.  Yep, they have to become responsible for their own learning.

So here's a list of the links of where I visited this week:

Moving right along with things that work with RC.  In particular the book lists.

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