Sunday, July 7, 2013

Large Family Logistics: Bedrooms

Just in case you're curious:  I've talked about the girls bedroom before HERE and HERE.

Today I just want to share their new bedroom upgrade.

What you'll notice in the room is that the white cot is now gone, and so is the single white bed.  We took them out in favor of adding a second set of bunks in there, and since we were upgrading the beds I figured that it might be nice to add a new set of drawers too.

{ Matching bunks }

I was very happy to find that we were able to purchase the new bunks in the same design and color.

We also had to pick up an extra mattress.

Oh and in particular, please do note the ABSENCE of toys and frivolous mess making items in the room.  I must confess though, there is a single teddy, but I'm still holding out with the toys.  { I've upgraded the toy storage in the last few months as well, but we might make that another post. }  For new readers, I totally don't go for all the toys in the bedroom thing.

This is how I like their room.  Clutter LESS.  Less is definitely MORE.  Much more space.  More air to breath.

You might be wondering what's on the ladders?  Well, Hubby put some cardboard on them to help try to discourage little Miss from climbing up on the bunks.

{ About the Drawers }

First of all, it's wood.  Can't get better than that.  I also really like the stain of the wood, dark is good.  When I first saw it I thought, "How gorgeous".   It has 7 drawers.  The top 3 are for:  1. pants  2.  socks  3.  singlets and loose ends.  In addition each girl got a drawer of their own.  They are pretty good sized drawers.  We also did a quick run to Spotlight to pick up another mattress protector, and while we were there we got some lace doily for the top of the drawers to help minimize the chance of any scratches happening.

The girls are loving their new upgrade.


  1. I absolutely hate toys in bedrooms too. Is Charlotte in a full size bed already or is she still in the cot? We have Joseph in a toddler bed but he will move into full size bed soon.

  2. Hi Therese, Charlotte is in the full size bed. :o) She likes to get up and out to wander around in the early evenings when she can't sleep, but overall she is making good progress at bed times. :o) She's been out of the cot for a couple of months now. We tried the toddler bed, but she much preferred to sleep in with Chloe when the bunks were down and separated, but now that we have two sets in there Charlotte is sleeping in her own bed by herself now.

  3. Thanks for the post. i hate toys in the bedroom too. starting to hate clothes in the bedrooms. (oh,for a family closet!)

  4. It is very comforting to know that I am not the only one who doesn't like toys in bedrooms. :)


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